After Husband's Death, Grieving Widow Discovers His Paternity Test & Finds Out He Was Unfaithful

Dayna Remus
Oct 27, 2021
12:00 A.M.

Beneath the bliss of many marriages lies toxic trickery, cheating, and deception. Only after her spouse was gone did a woman, once part of a movie-like romance, open her eyes to a dreadful reality.


Before her husband Patric Alexander tragically took his own life on June 2021, Abagail Alexander, he and their family looked picture perfect. At this point, the two had been married for almost a decade.

The pair parented a 3-year-old, a 9-year-old, a 10-year-old, and an almost 11-year-old. The newly single mom now had to look after herself, and although her spouse was gone, the beautiful memories alleviated the hollow grief she felt. That is until she found out a secret that rocked her world.

Abagail Alexander with her late husband Patric Alexander [left]; Abagail Alexander with her late husband and children [right]. │Source: facebook.com/abagail.alexander

Abagail Alexander with her late husband Patric Alexander [left]; Abagail Alexander with her late husband and children [right]. │Source: facebook.com/abagail.alexander


Abagail set up a GoFundMe account to reduce monetary stress as she relied on her late-husband a lot in this capacity. She expressed:


"Patric was a beloved husband [and] father... He had the brightest blue eyes, a heart of goal and stood by all of those who he loved [sic]."

So far, the account has accumulated donations of $1,130 out of the $10,000 goal. Nevertheless, no amount of financial stability could keep this mother from completely falling off balance when she discovered Patric's closeted skeletons.

Individual commenting on a TikTok post by Abagail Alexander. │Source:tiktok.com/abagailalexander4

Individual commenting on a TikTok post by Abagail Alexander. │Source:tiktok.com/abagailalexander4


Taking to TikTok, Abagail looked furious, revealing that after her husband passed away, she received a paternity test for a 2-year-old. This information proved that he was unfaithful to her for years.

Abigail has revealed more, stating that this unknown woman related to the test has no idea that Patric committed suicide. All she knows, the angry widow explained, was that he was married.

Abagail Alexander in one of her TikTok videos. │Source:tiktok.com/abagailalexander4

Abagail Alexander in one of her TikTok videos. │Source:tiktok.com/abagailalexander4


The mom has also shared a gorgeous TikTok montage of two of their daughters smiling, hugging, and holding hands. Using overlay text, she stated:

"I promise to never talk bad about their dad but I pray they never settle for a man who hurts them like I've been hurt. They deserve the world."

So far, all four commenters have expressed compassion towards the mother and criticized her late spouse. The post has become semi-popular, accumulating just over 100 likes.




The level of deceit that some spouses can use to keep an apparent fairytale romance alive is horrifying. Valerie Spruill was aghast when she found out that her late husband Percy Spruill was her father. She opened up about this publically in 2012 when she was 60 years old.

Spruill grew up with her maternal grandparents and so never met her biological dad. Her uncle eventually told her when her spouse/parent passed away at 60 years old. A DNA test confirmed this claim from her uncle.



Spruill believed that he may have known. She thought many of her health problems, such as diabetes, as rooted in the trauma of this finding.

However, she hoped that her getting through this, just as we can believe Abagail feels, would serve as an inspiration for others who have experienced something similar.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at befrienders.org.

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