October 24, 2021

Wife Sends Soldier Husband Text about Newborn Twins, He Shows up in the Hospital to Surprise Her

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After spending months apart, a military man made it home in time to surprise his wife during her visit to the NICU to nurse their twin babies. The unexpected visit triggered a priceless reaction from the new mom.

Cydney Cooper was forced to endure her grueling thirty-three-week pregnancy alone, without the physical presence of her military husband. She went through those weeks happily, knowing her husband loved her and was only away from her to defend the country. 

Staff Sgt. Skyler Cooper, who served as a Kansas Army National Guard member in Kuwait, could only keep his wife company through their countless Skype calls throughout her pregnancy.


A photo of Cydney Cooper with her child at the hospital [left]. Staff Sgt. Skyler Cooper cradling his baby |Photo: - Facebook/cydney.fruits

Cydney had to take on the role of a mom and dad to their two older sons Leighton and Corbett while nursing her growing baby bump in 2019. At 33 weeks, it seemed her months of pushing too hard finally got to her.


She came down with the flu, forcing her to give birth prematurely. Knowing her husband was not due back home until late spring, she informed him about the latest development, letting him know their twin girls had already arrived.

The woman spent the next two weeks caring for Emma and Kyla at the NICU. Days after her birth, she willed herself to return home to care for her two young sons.


Thus, she began sharing her time between her home with the boys and the hospital with her babies. The countless trips left her “hanging by a string.” Finally, she got her much-needed relief in the guise of a pleasant surprise.

While visiting her two-week-old babies at the NICU, the mom of four received a text from her husband inquiring about her welfare and her kids. She replied, as usual, believing he was overseas.

Minutes later, Skylar entered the room and snuck up on her from behind, bearing an American flag balloon and a colorful bouquet. Once he reached for her, the stressed-out mom turned around, and a look of surprise spread across her face upon seeing her husband.


The expression was immediately replaced by a wave of emotion that caused her to break down in tears. The emotional moment was captured on video, which she shared on social media.

The two soon headed home to surprise their little boys. Videos and snaps from the emotional family reunion were also shared on Facebook and have since gone viral. Her caption read:


“1000s of miles, 1 solo pregnancy and delivery, 48392 Skype calls, some superheroes, a few plane rides, twelve NICU days, tons of help from family and friends, and many tears later, a soldier came home.”

A netizen's comment on the viral YouTube post | Photo: Youtube/GMA


The post garnered tons of views from netizens who could not have enough of the emotional reunion. Many celebrated with the family of six for finally finding their happy ending, while others commended Cydney for being a “super mom” all along.

Several commenters admitted the video moved them to tears while extending heartfelt congratulations to the couple for their newest additions. One wrote, “Thank you for the sacrifices that your family makes for our freedom! You have a beautiful family.”

More commenters joined the outpouring of love to the Coopers, extending words of appreciation to them for being the country’s heroes.


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