October 28, 2021

Estranged Adopted Woman Showed Up to Grandma's Will Reading after Cutting Contact Years Ago – Life Story

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Even in a family with love and peace, sometimes, the reading of a will can cause division. Especially when other members of the family decide to contest the will.

When a person passes on and does not share out their estate equally, it often causes in-fighting among the family members. This was the scenario that played out in Redditor Different_Garden4785 's story.

The 24-year-old Redditor found himself in an awkward situation during his grandmother's will reading. He turned to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for telling his adoptive sister off.

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The Original Poster (OP) mentioned that his 27-year-old sister, Lara, was adopted by his parents when she was 12. Despite the love and attention his parents showered on her; she never bonded with them.

She went for therapy, but things remained the same and she never developed a close relationship with his parents. She also didn't have a close relationship with his grandmother.

OP revealed that his grandmother was fond of her, but Lara rejected her affections and was sometimes rude to his grandmother. However, his relationship with Lara was different and she was able to open up to him.

The siblings bonding | Photo: Pexels


When she turned 18, his parents sent her off to college and paid for her tuition. She eventually moved away from home and was well taken care of.

By the time she turned 22 and graduated, she decided to cut off contact with her adoptive family. Her actions left his parents devasted and upset.

As time went by, they got over their sadness and life went back to normal for them.  Later they decided to investigate the reasons for her actions.

The sad adoptive parents | Photo: Pexels


They found out that her biological parents had contacted her when she was 18, and they had kept in touch till she graduated from college.

After she had graduated, she decided to move in with her biological parents. For the next five years, her adoptive family didn't hear anything from her. But when his grandmother passed away, she showed up.

The grandmother had left a will and after hearing about her passing, Lara decided to show up at the reading of the will. Her presence at the meeting caused a commotion and the reading was postponed.

Family gathered for the reading of the will | Photo: Unsplash


She then left her contact details with his grandmother's attorney to ensure that she was there at the next reading. Lara is still legally bound to her adoptive family and the attorney had to ensure she didn't miss the new date.  This was confirmed by a lawyer, Merlin_KilgarrahS565, on the thread who wrote:

"[...] At the reading of the will, all heirs are notified of the reading date of the will [...] to avoid claims against the estate that the executor has favored one heir above the other and unlawfully disposed of an heir's inheritance."

Lara showed up to the next reading but things took an ugly turn again. After the will was read, Lara threw a fit and refused to accept what the grandmother had left for her.


Lara showing her anger | Photo: Pexels

OP revealed his grandmother was generous with what she left to him and his cousins. However, for Lara, she only left one of her rings that cost approximately ten dollars. Lara was so furious that she accused her adoptive parents of manipulating the OP's grandmother into not leaving anything for her.


Her reaction caused OP's father to cry which angered OP. OP didn't think she deserved more and users seemed to agree with one commenter, Alyssa_Hargreaves, saying:

"Nah, a penny would've been enough. It's still considered money left."

The man crying | Photo: Unsplash


In anger, OP reveals he told Lara off. They exchanged words and called each other ugly names, and he reminded her that she had cut off their family and had no right to his grandmother's belongings.

After her tantrums, she left. However, his mother is now mad at him for causing them to lose an opportunity to reconnect with their lost adoptive daughter.

Though some users expressed sadness and felt sorry for OP's mum and her loss, others believe his grandmother intentionally left only ten dollars to Lara.

The grandmother writing her will | Photo: Pexels

Some users hinted that perhaps the grandmother had foreseen that Lara would cause trouble and this was a way to prevent her from contesting the will or suing to get an equal share in the inheritance.

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