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November 04, 2021

Woman Buys Old House for Suspiciously Low Price Then Notices Neighbors Fearing Her — Story of the Day

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A woman moves into the neighborhood's most notorious haunted house and all the kids think she's either mad.

There was a big U-Haul truck pulled up in front of the haunted house. Someone was moving in! Tommy Henderson, who lived across the street, immediately spread the word to the other kids of the neighborhood.

The haunted house was about to be occupied again for the first time in 20 years, and that meant that the curse was going to be reactivated, terror would stalk the streets! Or at least, Tommy hoped so!

The kids were excited to see who was moving into the haunted house | Source:


Tommy, Reg, and Harley watched from behind Tommy's hedge with his grandmother's birdwatching binoculars. The U-Haul men carried in boxes of stuff, and furniture covered with sheets, but nothing particularly exciting.

"Listen," said Tommy. "Anyone who buys this house has to be nuts or..."

"Or what?" asked Reg anxiously.

Tommy leaned in close and whispered, "Or in league with the dark forces!"

Tommy, Reg, and Harley loved playing in their street | Source: Pexels


Reg's eyes got even bigger. "You think? My mom says it's some woman from Cincinnati..."

"What you don't know, Reg," said Harley, "is that when the Salem witches escaped, they escaped to Cincinnati...SINcinatti -- you get it?"

Just then a broken-down old car pulled up in front of the haunted house and a tall thin lady with long dark hair got out. She did look kind of witchy, Reg thought. The lady started talking to the U-Haul men and she didn't look happy.

Then she suddenly looked over her shoulder. "What are you kids doing over there?" she asked sharply. "It's rude to spy on people. This isn't a show!" The three boys scrambled out from behind the bushes and ran into Tommy's house.


Someone was moving into the haunted house across the street | Source: Unsplash

"How did she see us?" asked Tommy, his heart thumping wildly in his chest. "We were behind the hedge!"


"Witch vision!" whispered Harley.

"I wanna go home," said Reg, who was trying not to cry.

Just then Tommy's mom walked in. "What's going on?" she asked.

"The lady from the haunted house yelled at us!" whined Tommy. "And we were just looking..." He didn't tell his mom that they were watching from behind the hedge with binoculars. Tommy was no dummy.

Tommy was watching from across the street when the woman spotted them | Source: Unsplash


"How dare she!" cried Tommy's mom. "I was going over later with some pie, but now she can forget it!"

Word spread quickly that haunted house Lady was uppity and nasty and yelled at children, so the normally welcoming neighborhood ignored her.

The lady, whose real name was Alice Harrow, could have used some kindness, and some welcoming words. Alice had recently divorced her husband of 12 years who told her he didn't want the baby she was carrying in her belly.

Alice hadn't thought she'd wanted children either, but when she found out about that tiny person growing inside her, she knew she had to meet him or her. So she divorced her wealthy husband and got a tiny settlement.


In fact, the only house she could afford was this old wreck that no one wanted because of some old story. But Alice was a journalist and a good one, so she did some research and discovered that there was no ghost, no murders, and no zombies in the house's past.

Alice was pregnant, alone, and very lonely | Source: Unsplash


Many years ago, an unpleasant man had lived in the house and treated his family badly so that they all left one by one, even his wife. The ghost story came from the fact that towards the end of his life the man stood at the tallest window and watched the street.

So the figure of a man at a window became a ghost haunting the house, and the property price plummeted. Alice didn't mind one bit. She got it cheap and intended to do a bit of the restoration herself.

Kindness crosses all barriers and heals all misunderstandings.

Alice felt very lonely at first. She had no family and her friends were all spread around the country. No one in the neighborhood had shown interest in getting to know her.


Then one afternoon, Alice found a black kitten stuck up on the roof of her porch. She enticed it down with sources of milk, and immediately adopted it. What she didn't know was that everything she did was being closely watched.

When Alice adopted a black kitten, the boys were sure she was a witch | Source: Unsplash


Tommy, Reg, and Harley were sure Alice was an evil witch, and when she adopted a black cat, that sealed the deal for them. They spread the word, and every child in the neighborhood now knew that there was a witch at the haunted house.

Tommy was hanging out with Reg and Harley when they ran into Fred Solinski from two roads over. Fred started asking about the witch, and then he said, "I betcha you three pee on your diapers just to look at that house!"

"No we don't!" said Reg bravely. "Tommy touched the fence once!"

Tommy told everyone an evil witch lived at the Haunted House | Source: Unsplash


"The FENCE!" laughed Fred Solinski. "I'll bet my new skateboard Tommy wouldn't touch the front door!" A huge argument broke out, with both sides saying "would" and "wouldn't" to each other.

Finally, they decided to meet up at midnight at the haunted house, where Tommy would prove once and for all that he wasn't scared to walk in and touch the witch's porch.

They all managed to sneak out and were lying in wait by the fence, while Tommy carefully crept in. Step by step he drew closer to the porch until suddenly he was there! 

Tommy reached out a hand and slapped the wall of the house, then turned to run back, and that was when everything went wrong. Tommy's leg seemed to twist under him, and the other boys heard a strangled cry.


The boys saw a strange floating figure in the garden | Source: Pexels

At that very moment, a strange floating white figure drifted across the garden towards Tommy. "Run, Tommy!" screamed Fred Solinski, who forgot that he was the brave one. "RUN!"


But Tommy couldn't run, his leg wouldn't hold him up, so he waited and saw that the figure was the witch lady in a long floaty white dress. "Please!" cried Tommy. "Don't kill me!"

Alice knelt down next to the boy and touched his ankle. "I'm not going to kill you," she said calmly. "But your ankle is badly twisted. You need a doctor."

Tommy had to give Alice his mom's phone number and that turned out to be a very interesting conversation that promised lots of restrictions in Tommy's future. Then Alice called 911.

Tommy and Alice became best friends | Source: Pexels


She also fetched Tommy some ice for his ankle and held his hand while they waited. Tommy kind of liked it. Alice was cool. She told Tommy that she was fixing the old house for herself and her baby.

"But aren't you scared of the ghost?" asked Tommy.

Alice laughed. "No, Tommy.  The only ghost around here is the ghost of unkindness and fear, and I guess we've just banished it!"

And they did. Once the neighborhood found out the truth about Alice, they all pitched in to help her fix her house, and one of her biggest helpers and closest friends was Tommy Henderson.


What can we learn from this story?

  • When we believe unpleasant things about a person without reason, we might miss making a friend. Tommy believed Alice was a witch, but she became a good and kind friend.
  • Kindness crosses all barriers and heals all misunderstandings. Alice took care of Tommy and showed him he was wrong about the haunted house.

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