November 20, 2021

Girl Installs Hidden Camera in Room and Catches Person Stealing

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A teenager took it to Reddit after installing a hidden camera in her room and seeing the footage. She bought a security camera after her money started disappearing mysteriously from her bedroom.

The 15-year-old girl revealed she lived with her parents and a 10-year-old sister. When she noticed her money was missing, she immediately confronted her family members. 

Someone took the money from her room every week, and the amount varied from $20 to $50. She had installed a hidden camera in her room to see who it was. 

Source: Amomama


A teenage Redditor with the username SwissStarburst revealed she had saved money to buy a car for herself. She had aimed to buy a car within a year, so she worked two jobs to save enough money.

However, things took a different turn when she realized someone was stealing her money. She kept her savings in her bedroom and noticed $20 to $50 going missing every week. She explained:

"If it’s in my room, there’s no excuse for it going missing."

She counted the money before keeping it in her room | Source: Unsplash


She suspected it was one of her family members, but she immediately ruled out her father because he wasn't home when her money went missing. 

First, her mother entered the room and opened the drawers one by one.

The other two suspects were her younger sister and mother. She confronted both of them, but they denied going into her room and stealing her money. 

She suspected it was one of her family members who stole the money | Source: Unsplash


The girl also tried hiding her money in a different place to no avail. The person rummaged through her drawers and stole the money. She even put a lock on her door, but her mother got it removed. 

Annoyed, the girl had only one option left: to install a camera in her room. She secretly ordered a security camera on Amazon, but her mother received the parcel and created a fuss about it because she thought the girl had bought an adult toy. She explained:

"My mother spent a good chunk of time chastising me about my “perverted” behavior."

Her mother accused her of something she didn't do | Source: Pexels


After arguing with her mother for thirty minutes, she got hold of the camera and installed it in her room. To her surprise, the footage showed both her mother and sister entering the room at different instances.

First, her mother entered the room and opened the drawers one by one. It seemed like she was looking for something, so the girl guessed she must be searching for the adult toys. 

Next, her sister entered the room and darted for the place where the girl kept her money. She was shocked to see her sister slide a $20 bill in her pocket. 

She checked the camera footage on her phone | Source: Pexels


The girl showed the camera footage to her parents in hopes of teaching her sister a lesson. To her surprise, they didn't say anything to her.

When her father saw the footage, he was angry, but her mother scolded her for "spying on her." They didn't say anything to their younger daughter, but since her father understood her feelings, he allowed her to put a lock on her door if she agreed to uninstall the hidden camera.

The girl agreed because she didn't want her mother to make a fuss about the camera. After seeing everyone's reactions, she posted her story on Reddit to ask other users if she was at fault. klingonjargon replied:


"I am very sorry you have to live like that. But you're taking care of yourself and you seem to have a lot of fortitude."

Other Redditors replied to her post | Source: Unsplash


Compensate1995 pointed out that the girl's mother and sister were wrong because they had invaded her privacy. He agreed that the girl didn't do anything wrong by installing a camera because that was the only way to find out the truth.

He also added that her father's request to remove the camera in exchange for the door lock didn't make sense, advising the girl not to agree to it.

The girl read the comments and updated her post | Source: Unsplash


Another user shared their story and advised the girl to freeze her credit card. They explained that their mother secretly got a credit card in their name. Compensate1995 replied to the comment saying he felt terrible for them. He explained:

"Mothers are the ones we can rely on and unconditionally love. The feeling of betrayal is breathtakingly difficult. None of you deserve to endure such a theft."

Most users agreed that the girl's mother and sister were at fault. If you liked reading this article, you might like this one about a woman who discovered a hidden camera in her hotel room's bathroom.