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instagram.com/tjandkylee tiktok.com/@cargo_shorts_dad

Dad and Daughter Give Sweet Explanation on What It's Like to Dream While Deaf in Touching Video

Dayna Remus
Nov 17, 2021
10:40 P.M.

Welcoming others into her wonderful world of dreams, Kylee, who is deaf, explained the amazing universe she enters when she is sound asleep.


TJ and his adorable daughter Kylee have their own TikTok channel to answer questions from those who want to learn more about deafness and hearing loss.

The objective of this is to destigmatize ideas around the hard of hearing and make the subject less taboo and more approachable.

TJ and Kylee answering a question on TikTok [left]; Kylee holding a cake [right]. │Source: instagram.com/tjandkylee tiktok.com/@cargo_shorts_dad

TJ and Kylee answering a question on TikTok [left]; Kylee holding a cake [right]. │Source: instagram.com/tjandkylee tiktok.com/@cargo_shorts_dad


In one of their more well-known videos where "You Are Enough" by Sleeping At Last played in the background, they attempted to answer a highly interesting question asked by another TikToker.

Although she can't hear any of it, the little girl can certainly feel the music.


This social media user wanted to know if the little girl could hear when she was dreaming. Using sign language, the father, sitting alone at this point of the video, expressed that he didn't know. However, there was more in store.



TJ suggested they ask Kylee herself, switching over to a clip with both of them. The adorable little girl said that no, she couldn't hear in her dreams but revealed something even more impressive. The tiny TikToker stated via sign language:

"Everyone knows sign in my dreams."

The little girl then exclaimed how cool it is and gave her signature "byeee," which she uses at the end of every video. Later on, in the comment section, the dad explained that although his daughter experiences only sign language in her dreams, not every person with hearing loss is the same, and they have different experiences.



Beyond the father's remark, other comments from all over TikTok came gushing in, with many expressing that they found this information fascinating. Others shared similar experiences and anecdotes such as 🥀warmest regards🥀 who penned:

"My mom is blind and the only time she can see is when she sleeps so she loves to sleep so she can see again. 🥰"

A significant portion of fellow netizens agreed among themselves that they should begin teaching sign language as a compulsory subject in schools. The post has become so popular that it has reached over 2 million likes, under 10,000 comments, and almost 14,500 shares.

Individuals commenting on a TikTok post by TJ. │Source: tiktok.com/@cargo_shorts_dad

Individuals commenting on a TikTok post by TJ. │Source: tiktok.com/@cargo_shorts_dad



Another widely watched video is of Kylee talking about music and how she experiences it. Although she can't hear any of it, the little girl can undoubtedly feel the music. Her father wrote that she even sings along in sign language.

With their channel, this loving duo is breaking stereotypes and introducing those online to a more awe-inspiring world than it may seem at first glance.

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