Cheerleader Holds up Sign Asking Stepdad to Adopt Her during a Performance

Dayna Remus
Nov 22, 2021
11:20 A.M.

Standing up high and with her heart on her sleeve for all the world to see, one courageous teenager asked her stepdad to adopt her. His answer could either leave her in tears of happiness or wholly crushed.


Zane Crawford, stepdad to 15-year-old MaKayla, had his birthday coming up. Although he was sure to have a great time, Zane had no idea what was in store for him on this special day.

For almost six years, Zane has been the stepfather to this wonderful teenager and has been a remarkable presence in her life since day one.


MaKayla, having grown a strong relationship with her mother, Brandy Crawford's husband, decided that she wanted to call him her dad legally.

This is when she, the varsity team captain, and her mom, the assistant coach, decided to pop a beautiful question for him on his birthday in the best way they knew how - a cheer pyramid.

During a sporting game for the Bobcats, which also happened to fall on Zane's birthday, cheerleaders, including MaKayla herself, were doing a routine, as per usual.

The Bobcats’ cheerleading team doing a routine.┃Source: facebook.com/peoplemag

The Bobcats’ cheerleading team doing a routine.┃Source: facebook.com/peoplemag



The group created the well-known pyramid, with MaKayla on top, unexpectedly holding a home-made sign that read:

"I know it's your special day. Let's make it ours. Will you adopt me?"

Overcome with emotion, the stepfather smiled brightly from the stands. He walked up to his nervous daughter, and they both hugged each other tightly - a sign that he was all for the adoption.



A video of the touching moment and gesture was shared on Facebook, melting the internet's heart. One social media user, Deborah Catt, penned:

"Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a DAD! Happy tears!!!"

Many congratulated them and said the clip had them highly emotional. The post has gone viral, with around 31 million views, just over 500 comments, and 150,000 reactions.

Individuals’ comments on a Facebook post by People.┃Source: facebook.com/peoplemag

Individuals’ comments on a Facebook post by People.┃Source: facebook.com/peoplemag


The dad, his daughter, and the Facebook user's reactions were welcoming and heartwarming, but unfortunately, not everyone responds positively to adoption - especially certain kinds of adoption.


One boy who was excited about being adopted by a gay couple got bullied by his homophobic teacher. Right before Thanksgiving, this educator asked the classroom what they were grateful for in their lives.

Daniel van Amstel [left]; Daniel van Amstel with his father’s Louis and Joshua van Amstel [right]. │Source: instagram.com/louisvanamstel twitter.com/CBSNews

Daniel van Amstel [left]; Daniel van Amstel with his father’s Louis and Joshua van Amstel [right]. │Source: instagram.com/louisvanamstel twitter.com/CBSNews


When the 11-year-old expressed his appreciation for being adopted by two dads, she scolded him and told him his parents were sinning. Enraged, one of the fathers complained in an online video.

Horrifyingly some fellow netizens agreed with the teacher, but most supported the poster, and the educator was fired immediately.

Although it all turned out positively, it is still sad that many individuals treat these two highly similar situations quite differently in our society.

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