November 18, 2021

Man Adopted as Infant Gets Mail Saying There's a Biological Brother He Didn't Know About

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Adopted soon after they were born, two men had no idea who their biological families were. On a journey to find out more about where they come from, the two made not one but multiple findings, some of which were unbelievable. 

Randy Rogers grew up in Arkansas, while Lafe Jones is from Louisiana. Although they grew up in different states and had never met, they had more in common than they could have ever dreamed of. 

Their [Rogers and Jones'] journey isn't over yet.

Biological brothers Randy Rogers and Lafe Jones.┃Source:


Both of them were put for adoption when they were just babies. As they got older, the two became more interested in their biological origins. Through adoption papers and D.N.A testing the pair found out that they are blood-related brothers. 

Biological brothers Randy Rogers and Lafe Jones when they were younger.┃Source:



After almost six decades, they decided to meet face to face and were both shocked at the resemblance when they saw one another. Jones expressed

“I felt like I was almost looking in a mirror.”

The two have decided to spend more time together. However, beyond finding one another, these brothers still have a long road ahead, having made even more mind-blowing discoveries along the way.



Not only do they have the same mother but also the same father. Astoundingly, they also share 11 half-siblings. The brothers decided to travel to Fayetteville to meet with them. For Rogers, who grew up an only child, this was particularly touching. Their journey isn't over yet, with Jones saying:

“Our next step is we’re going to continue to investigate who our father is.”

Now reunited, these siblings are sure to catch up on 58 years lost, although they most likely feel as though they have never been apart.

Women who were best friends for 17 years find out they are actually sisters | Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America



Just like Rogers and Jones, adoption can lead many down some of the strangest of roads. Perhaps one of the most unique cases is Ashley Thomas and Latoya Wimberly, best friends who, after nearly 20 years, found out they were sisters. 

Wimberly divulged that she almost fainted when she discovered that her closest companion was her biological sibling.  A D.N.A test was also the core reason as to how this realization came about. 


Similar to the brothers, these sisters are making up for the time lost, moving towards creating an even stronger bond. Family, it seems, are never too far away, and with a little bit of searching, one can find themselves in the arms of those they thought they would never meet.