November 25, 2021

Firefighter Rescues Baby from House Fire — 17 Years Later He Goes to Her Graduation Ceremony

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A scathingly hot fire ravaged a house while a vulnerable little girl was inside, her short life on the line. One man was determined to save her before her light went out too soon. 

In 1998, a now-retired firefighter, Mike Hughes, faced a harrowing situation when a 9-month-old baby was stuck in a crib while a blaze overtook the house. 

Remembering the day, Hughes said that the situation was dire and that he needed to act swiftly if he was going to rescue the little girl. 

Mike Hughes carrying Dawnielle Davison out of a fire when she was a baby [left]; Mike Hughes hugging Dawnielle Davison on the day of her graduation [right]. │ Source:



Luckily, he managed to beat the clock and save the baby from what could have been a disastrous death. The ex-firefighter recollected:

"I snatched her up and got her to the front door and handed her off to the first firefighter who was there.”

The experience affected him so much so that years later, he reached out to her, Dawnielle Davison, via Facebook while she was in middle school. 



The two remained in touch for years, but the most memorable moment was when she invited the former first responder to her high school graduation in 2015. 

When hugging one another at the event, the young lady reminded her rescuer that she would not have been standing on that stage if it weren't for him. 



The 61-year-old expressed that watching her collect her diploma made him tear up. Davison commented that it all touched her deeply as well, saying

"I don't know really how to describe it, they're happy tears, to realize some things could have gone wrong."

Although Davison doesn't remember the day, we can be pretty sure, that like many of us, it would linger on in her mind and heart, reminding her to live each day to the fullest. 

Man rushes to wake up a sleeping neighbor as a fire starts to blaze next door | Photo: Youtube/Ring



Running into blazing hot fires head-on, Hughes has an immense amount of courage. Nevertheless, you don't need to be a firefighter to have a heart of a lion.

Ty was one such courageous man, saving neighbors from a fire. Gladys Castaneda and her kids were fast asleep when the blaze began burning next door. 

Woman hands her child to a caring neighbor that alerted her about a fire that started next door | Photo: Youtube/Ring



The neighbor chose to knock on their door and windows, screaming in the Ring camera that they were in danger. Luckily, the mom woke up and escaped from the house with her family.

Both of these men are great examples of how many of us could act with integrity, kindness, and bravery when we come across another person in peril or pain. 

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