November 26, 2021

Brad Pitt Protected Gwyneth Paltrow from Harvey Weinstein Who Berated Her after Sexual Advances

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Actors Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow were among the hottest couples in Hollywood in the late 1990s. Even though they parted ways a long time ago, Pitt did something for her that she will never forget.

"Glee" star Gwyneth Paltrow and Actor Brad Pitt were among the most famous couples in the entertainment industry. The pair began dating in 1994 and later became engaged.

While dating, Pitt dyed his hair blonde to match Paltrow's hair color. They also wore matching haircuts during the film premiere of "The Devil's Own." 

Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt attend "The Devil's Own" premiere on March 13, 1997 in New York City. | Photo: Getty Images



However, the couple failed to keep up with their matching haircuts after separating in 1997. Years after their split, Paltrow reminisced about her relationship with Pitt, saying:

"He was so nice and we were a very '90s couple."

Afterward, Paltrow dated Actor Ben Affleck until 2000, and then Coldplay Singer Chris Martin who she married in 2003 until 2016. She and Martin share daughter Apple, 17, and son Moses, 15.

Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow at Paris, France on March 29, 1997. | Photo: Getty Images


Meanwhile, Pitt tied the knot with Actress Jennifer Anniston in 2000, but they ended things in 2005. In 2014, he wed Angelina Jolie, whom he met on the film set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

Jolie and Pitt divorced in 2019 after five years of marriage. They share six children Maddox, 19; Pax, 17; Zahara, 16; Shiloh, 14; and 12-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

Although they parted ways, Paltrow and the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" actor have remained friends. The actress clarified that there was no "bad blood" between them.



Grateful for Pitt, the 49-year-old acclaimed actress recalled how the Golden Globe winner saved her from her traumatic moments at the hands of disgraced Film Producer Harvey Weinstein. 

The convicted sex offender has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault. The court found the 69-year-old entertainment mogul guilty in a New York trial last year. 

The New York Times reported that several women, including Paltrow, have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct since 2017. Many of Weinstein's victims are young actresses. 



Paltrow revealed she was 22 when Weinstein took advantage of her sexually. He told her to meet him at his hotel suite before she shot the film "Emma." In his room, he subjected her to indecent acts.

The Academy Award winner shared the former Miramax co-founder placed his hands on her, suggesting they head to the bedroom for massages. Stunned over his behavior, Paltrow immediately left his hotel room.

Paltrow confided in Pitt about her encounter with Weinstein. Afterward, Pitt confronted the former film mogul at a premiere event, telling the latter not to touch the "Iron Man" actress again.


Pitt admitted that he confronted Weinstein after Paltrow told him about her horrifying experience in 2019. He faced the former entertainment mogul, making sure his then-girlfriend would be safe. 

The "Fight Club" actor said Paltrow had two films under Weinstein's company around that time. Besides "Emma," she was the main star of the 1998 film "Shakespeare in Love."



Shortly after the confrontation at the premiere event, Weinstein immediately called Paltrow and scolded her for discussing their private meeting with her then-boyfriend. The actress said:

"He screamed at me for a long time. It was brutal."

Weinstein told Paltrow that she could lose the role in "Emma" because of what she did. But Paltrow refused to bend and insisted he should restore their acquaintances to a professional level.


Paltrow was dubbed the "first lady of Miramax" and won an Oscar for "Shakespeare in Love." A professional actress, she praised Weinstein publicly as any other young actresses do. 

However, she said their work relationship grew rockier over the years, and she decided to distance herself from him. She described him as generous and supportive yet punitive and bullying.

Paltrow had a fresh start in her life and career. For three years, she has been happily married to her husband Brad Falchuk, a renowned TV writer, director, and producer.



The beautiful pair tied the knot in 2018 in an intimate wedding ceremony at Paltrow's stunning home in East Hampton, New York. Only 70 guests gathered in the ceremony.

Before the "Seven" actress, Falchuk was married to his ex-wife Suzanne Bukinik for 19 years before they divorced in 2013.

Paltrow first met the 50-year-old TV writer during her guest appearance spot on the musical TV series "Glee" in 2010. However, they did not officially start dating until 2014.


Paltrow's mother, Blythe Danner, attended the special occasion. Besides the actress's childhood friends as her guests, her celebrity peers also attended her wedding day. 

Cameron Diaz, Ryan Murphy, Rob Lowe, and Steven Spielberg witnessed Paltrow exchange her "I do's" with Falchuk. Her "Iron Man" co-star, Robert Downey Jr., entertained the crowd with a speech.

Before Paltrow, Falchuk previously wed his ex-wife Suzanne Bukinik for 19 years before they divorced in 2013. They share two children Isabella, and Brody.



Meanwhile, Pitt has entangled himself in a custody battle with Jolie. The former pair are in a legal fight about which parent should take care of their six children.

Recently, California's Supreme Court rejected Pitt's appeal. In its decision, the high court did not provide any explanation other than: "Petition for review & application for stay denied."

In a statement to USA Today, Jolie's appellate lawyer, Robert Olson, previously said that the 46-year-old actress welcomed the decision after the recent supreme court decision.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their six children arrive at Haneda International Airport on November 8 in Tokyo, Japan. | Photo: Getty Images


Olson said the court decision also pleased the "Maleficent" actress as "unethical behavior" will not affect her children's well-being. He added that Jolie has her eyes focused on her family now.

The appellate lawyer also said Jolie and her children can now move forward cooperatively. She recently took them to the recent premiere of the new Marvel film, the "Eternals."

Pitt's representative also issued a statement, saying they will continue to "do everything that is legally necessary based on the detailed findings of the independent experts."


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