Woman Donates Kidney to Husband's Ex-wife Just 2 Days after Their Wedding

Dayna Remus
Nov 30, 2021
03:40 P.M.
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The "Kidney Sisters," as they now call themselves, have a relationship many would find unusual. Nevertheless, these perceptions don't and won't stop them from continuing to defy cultural expectations. 


Jim Merthe and Mylaen Anderson-Merthe tied the knot around three decades ago. However, after two children, who are both now in their 30's, and almost 20 years of marriage, they divorced in 2008. This was primarily due to Jim's alcoholism. 

His now-second wife, Debby Neal-Strickland Marthe, refused to become romantically involved with him until he tackled his drinking problem. He has now remained sober for a decade. 

Jim Merthe, Debby Neal-Strickland Marthe and Mylaen Anderson-Merthe. │Source: youtube.com/InsideEdition



Beyond helping Jim with his alcoholism, Debby has continued to go above and beyond to support the family. This was made apparent when Jim's ex-spouse desperately needed a kidney transplant.

Sadly, neither of her children were able to donate their organs. Her 32-year-old son Jimmy Jr. was not a match. Although her daughter, 30-year-old Sami, was a match, she was pregnant at the time. 

Jimmy Jr. and Sami. │Source: youtube.com/InsideEdition


Strangely, however, Debby was a perfect match for Mylaen. This wife decided to take what many may deem a curious route for the good of not only her husband's ex-wife but the whole family. 

Mylaen Anderson-Merthe. │Source: youtube.com/InsideEdition



Only two days after Debby and her now-husband walked down the aisle, the wife checked herself into hospital, ready to donate her kidney to Mylaen. The newly-wed expressed

"I wanted this family to have their grandmother." 

The kidney donor has also emphasized that she always had and has a lot of respect and love for Mylaen. She believes that her being around to donate her organ to her husband's ex-wife was meant to be.

Debby Neal-Strickland Marthe and Mylaen Anderson-Merthe.│Source: youtube.com/InsideEdition



Waking up in the morning after the kidney transplant Mylaen said that that she immediately felt wholly renewed, expressing at one point that Debby is a blessing. She stated

"Neither one of us has sisters and now we're connected forever." 

The unlikely duo now refer to one another as the "Kidney Sisters" with matching keychains that include the transplant date.



The husband and also ex-husband himself confessed that he even found Debby's decision slightly odd. Nevertheless, Jim also knew that his wife would persist no matter what anyone's opinions may be. Mylaen's son also commented

"It's a very selfless thing to do. The whole family feels really blessed to have her in our life. [sic]"

It is crystal clear that this family, although slightly complex and perhaps not conforming to societal standards, is full of love, which is, in essence, truly all that matters.


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