Burglar Breaks into 79-Year-Old Woman's Home, She Holds Him off until the Police Comes

Dayna Remus
Dec 06, 2021
09:20 P.M.

Wearing no pants, an intruder chose to break into what he thought was a defenseless elderly lady's house. He was wrong.


Although frightened, as anyone would be in such a dangerous situation, a 79-year-old no-nonsense woman, Gwendolyn Agard, from Jackson didn't let that stop her - gun at the ready.

The trespasser broke into the grandmother's home with a rubber mallet he took from a neighboring residence, walking into her home half-naked.

Gwendolyn Agard speaks to a news outlet. │Source: youtube.com/11Alive

Gwendolyn Agard speaks to a news outlet. │Source: youtube.com/11Alive



However, before he managed to enter the house, Agard already had her .38 revolver ready. Initially, she attempted to scare the individual away by way of a verbal warning, shouting, as she recollected:

“If you come in here, you’re a dead son of a [expletive]. That's a promise."

The grandmother also fired a shot to caution the burglar. Nevertheless, the determined intruder did not take heed of this forewarning and proceeded to rummage through her home.

Gwendolyn Agard. │Source: youtube.com/11Alive

Gwendolyn Agard. │Source: youtube.com/11Alive



Of course, this grandmother didn't expect to hold off the possibly perilous individual forever, so she did contact the police for help. On the 911 call, there was obvious fear in her voice,

Nonetheless, the elderly lady certainly did not let the intruder know, making it clear that she was not playing games. Realizing she had to take it to the extreme, Agard picked up her .45 revolver.

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Gwendolyn Agard. │Source: youtube.com/11Alive

Gwendolyn Agard. │Source: youtube.com/11Alive



As the intruder walked down the stairs, the harmless-looking senior citizen took him aback as she fired another shot, this time with the .45. He asked Agard if she was genuinely trying to murder him. She recalled the moment, expressing:

"I said, 'Oh, you finally got the message.'"

Luckily, police soon arrived to find the almost naked intruder hiding in a closet. Law enforcement cuffed and charged him with breaking and entering.

A picture of the house intruder overlaid onto a picture of Gwendolyn Agard’s house. │Source: youtube.com/11Alive

A picture of the house intruder overlaid onto a picture of Gwendolyn Agard’s house. │Source: youtube.com/11Alive



Meanwhile, Agard continues to live her liberty-full life, using her freedom to spend time with her children and grandchildren.

The grandmother admitted that these loved ones were at the back of her mind during the purported attempted burglary. Agard said they gave her the courage to stand her ground during the terrifying incident.

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If you're wondering if her bite is just as big as her bark, then you are most likely to find out that it most definitely is, if not even more prominent. It is wise to remember Agard's words:

“I don’t know what his intention was, but I know what mine was.”

This phenomenal woman proves that whatever your age, you still have an immense pool of strength in you that never leaves, no matter how high the numbers climb.

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