Two Boys Helped Save Bus Driver after Realizing He Was Having a Medical Emergency on the Road

Dayna Remus
Dec 02, 2021
09:20 A.M.

We have all been in situations where adrenaline rushes through our veins, our head becomes fuzzy, and our hearts beat out of our chest. This is what two young boys had to face, astounding everyone with their heroic actions.


Larry Borchardt is fourth-grader Jacob Farris and fifth-grader Tyler Thompson's favorite bus driver. Farris said that Borchardt greets him with a good morning every day, while Thompson states he always wishes him a good day before he exits the bus.

These boys possess level-headedness beyond their age. However, perhaps the affection for their friendly and caring bus driver is what pushed the boys to help in such a smart and efficient manner when Borchardt had a medical emergency.

Jacob Farris and fifth-grader Tyler Thompson with picture layover of their bus driver Larry Borchardt. │Source: youtube.com/KTVB

Jacob Farris and fifth-grader Tyler Thompson with picture layover of their bus driver Larry Borchardt. │Source: youtube.com/KTVB



Not only was the driver in danger, but he was in danger while driving the children to school, putting himself and the children at risk. Borchardt said it was like any other day when suddenly, recollecting the incident, the driver said:

“I got a massive pain in my head, it really hurt bad. Then my vision went. I couldn’t see much of anything, everything was blurry.”

Luckily, using his physical memory, he still managed to stop on the side of the road safely. Usually, Borchardt would stop to talk to unruly children, but something seemed off to Farris and Thompson, who noticed the driver slumped over while holding his hand to his heart.

Larry Borchardt. │Source: youtube.com/KTVB

Larry Borchardt. │Source: youtube.com/KTVB


Instead of panicking in a situation where even some adults would struggle to remain calm, the two boys remained collected and took the next logical steps.


Not knowing where they were, Farris signaled to drivers on the road, hoping someone would stop and help them. Meanwhile, the other young boy called emergency services.

Tyler Thompson. │Source: youtube.com/KTVB

Tyler Thompson. │Source: youtube.com/KTVB



Luckily, someone stopped their car, walking into the bus to assist. They were followed by the arrival of the police, a fire truck, and an ambulance.

Doctors are still unsure what happened to Borchardt, but he has been put on leave, prescribed medication, and is due for scans.

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Marie Harman, the Brown Bus Manager, stated that the children genuinely love their local bus driver and expressed admiration for the two boy's heroic and smart actions:

"It's just totally awesome to know we have students out there that are capable of doing this and willing to do this."

Both Farris and Thompson are looking forward to when Borchardt will be returning. He is more than ready to do so, hoping that the doctors will give him the go-ahead sooner rather than later.

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