Plumber Repairing Church Toilet Breaks a Wall and about 500 Envelopes Full of Money Fall Out

Brittany Chalmers
Dec 08, 2021
06:00 A.M.

While a plumber was doing his routine duties, something unexpected happened. He accidentally cracked open a bathroom wall, revealing hundreds of envelopes filled with money.


In November this year, a Houston, Texas plumber got the surprise of his career when he worked inside a church. While he was fixing a toilet, he broke a wall. From the space, a large amount of money came falling out.

The case was quickly linked to a story that made headlines in 2014. Thousands of dollars went missing from a safe in the Lakewood Church. Evidence has linked the newly discovered money to the seven-year-old case.

Money is found behind a wall inside a church and leads to an online debate | Photo: Youtube/CBSDFW

Money is found behind a wall inside a church and leads to an online debate | Photo: Youtube/CBSDFW



The Houston police confirmed the news, and people were stunned. A radio host, George Lindsey, expressed:

"It was just unbelievable! The things he was telling us that they found in the walls."

A caller revealed some pieces to the puzzle and told listeners that a loose toilet revealed the cash. They said: "We removed the tile. We went to go remove the toilet, and I moved some insulation away, and about 500 envelopes fell out of the wall."



The discovery was reported to a supervisor, and the plumber handed in all of the money. The police are still busy investigating the case and looking to find a missing $600,000. The radio host pressed the issue and wanted to know more.

Lindsey said:

"I mean, they stole the money, but they didn't get it out of the wall. Did they have an accident, you know what I mean? It's like, why did they never go back? If it's that money, why did they never go back?"





representative commented on the case and confirmed the authenticity of the found money. Crime Stoppers of Houston also got involved in the story.

They offered anyone with information a $25,000 reward.

The host also suggested that the plumber who made the discovery be rewarded. Lindsey said: "He's the one who found it. If he never had been doing that work behind that toilet, they would have never known that money was there."



However, the plumber was not allowed to claim any money due to the statute of limitations. Netizens also had a lot to say about the money and the church's involvement.

One user wrote: "Sounds like the church stole their own money." Others shared that they would've acted very differently to the plumber that made the discovery.



One netizen said: "If I was the plumber, the story would have read, "plumber finds 12 envelopes of checks written for a total of $240." Another added: "My guess is the thief dumped it into the wall with plans to get it later."

The case has caused much concern amongst the church community and members of the public. Until the investigation is concluded, netizens will undoubtedly continue to share their own theories.

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