Dad Consoles and Hugs the Driver Who Accidentally Ran over His Daughter

Dayna Remus
Dec 08, 2021
07:20 P.M.

Parents can be rightfully vicious when it comes to their children, refusing to absolve anyone who may have slightly hurt their babies, even if it was a mistake. One dad took a different route, displaying a rare level of compassion.


There are many different ways that all of us deal with trauma. Some get angry; some refuse to pardon any perpetrator, some cut off anyone involved, and others choose the route of forgiveness.

These different approaches are not right or wrong. However, forgiving someone, especially in such an extreme case as one dad from Brazil did, is almost unheard of.


Driving down the road, a man did his best to slam on his breaks. This reaction occurred because a little girl ran into the street in front of him, trying to get hold of her ball.

Unfortunately, he couldn't avoid hitting her and was overcome by shame and difficult emotions as the 10-year-old was put into an ambulance.

Arriving on the scene, the father of the child named Haghatta came across this individual who was distraught and sobbing.

Haghatta and the driver.┃Source: Instagram.com/goodnews_movement

Haghatta and the driver.┃Source: Instagram.com/goodnews_movement



Instead of pushing him away or reacting aggressively, the dad showed the driver compassion. A post of the video on Instagram partially read:

"He took the time to console and help calm down the distraught driver who had hit his daughter Haghatta."

He grabbed the man and gave him a huge hug, reassuring him in the process. The driver got onto his knees in shame, slumping his head down as the dad continued to hold him with compassion.



The clip went viral, with the majority of the commenters expressing how amazing the father was for consoling the driver. Nevertheless, not all parents are this forgiving, as one Instagramer penned:

"I was hit by a car when I was 13...The driver was inconsolable - he write a letter to my parents but my mum was so angry she threw it away.[sic]"

The social media user explained that they had been searching for this man all her life to let him know that they never blamed him. Sadly, they have never been able to find him.

Individual’s comments on an Instagram post by Good News Movement.┃Source: Instagram.com/goodnews_movement

Individual’s comments on an Instagram post by Good News Movement.┃Source: Instagram.com/goodnews_movement



When it comes to little Haghatta, she doesn't need to look for the driver because her father asked him to visit him and his daughter. He showed the shame-filled man that the 10-year-old was okay.

Haghatta was hospitalized for a week and sent home, where she was expected to recover completely. All three, the father, the daughter, and the truck driver, can now move forward with healed hearts.

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