Man Refused to Donate His Kidney to His Dying Twin Who Slept with His Girlfriend

Salwa Nadeem
Dec 18, 2021
02:40 A.M.

When a man went to see his dying twin brother, a flashback of hurtful memories played in his head. He thought of all the times his brother let him down and decided not to donate his kidney to him, knowing he could have saved his twin from dying.


Ryan posted his story in the Reddit community NuclearRevenge. He shared how his brother, Sebastian, always made him feel bad while growing up.

He decided to distance himself from his twin brother when he discovered he had slept with his girlfriend. However, he had to visit Sebastian in the hospital when he received a call from his sister.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Ryan revealed that Sebastian was his parents' favorite child, and they always favored him no matter what he did. Ryan felt his parents and brother constantly let him down as a child.

He trusted his elder sister, Jane, cousin Kai, and Isaac's best friend. They knew Sebastian gave Ryan a hard time and bullied him at school.


At 17, Ryan found solace in his first girlfriend. She cared for him and comforted him when he shared his terrible family experiences with her. However, when Ryan discovered his girlfriend's real face, things took a different turn.

Ryan enjoyed spending time with his girlfriend | Source: Unsplash

Ryan enjoyed spending time with his girlfriend | Source: Unsplash

She refused to have a physical relationship with Ryan until she turned eighteen. However, he discovered she was pregnant with someone else's child after some time.

When he reached home, he saw his mother crying, with his father sitting by her side.

It turned out that the father of her child was Sebastian. Ryan was more than furious after knowing his beloved girlfriend cheated on him with the person he disliked the most.

Sebastian's girlfriend was pregnant | Source: Pexels

Sebastian's girlfriend was pregnant | Source: Pexels

Ryan vented his feelings on his brother by punching him in the face. Despite knowing what happened, his parents chose to support Sebastian and the girl. However, when Sebastian refused to take responsibility for the child, his mother asked the girl to abort the child.

Eventually, Ryan got over his cheating ex-girlfriend and started dating a boy named Daniel. He met him in college and instantly started liking him. He explained:

"He was deaf and I studied sign language out of boredom so we got talking and things just seemed to click."

Ryan learned sign language | Source: Unsplash

Ryan learned sign language | Source: Unsplash


They dated for some time, and everything seemed perfect until Ryan bumped into his twin at the movies while holding his boyfriend's arm. Sebastian humiliated Ryan in front of Daniel for dating a man.

Ryan shrugged it off and enjoyed the movie with Daniel before dropping him home. When he reached home, he saw his mother crying, with his father sitting by her side.

When he asked his father what had happened, he realized his brother had told his parents about Daniel. The same night, his parents kicked him out, and he was forced to live with Isaac.

Ryan's parents kicked him out | Source: Unsplash

Ryan's parents kicked him out | Source: Unsplash

After living with Isaac's family for six months, Ryan decided to move into an apartment with Daniel and Isaac. Eventually, Ryan married Daniel without having his family by his side, except for his sister.


Everything was going well for Ryan until he received an unexpected call from his sister informing him about Sebastian suffering from renal failure. He decided to see his brother in the hospital nine years after he was kicked out of the house.

Ryan confessed that Sebastian looked weak when he saw him in the hospital. When he told Ryan that his kidneys had failed, he knew where the conversation was going.

Ryan met his twin brother in the hospital | Source: Unsplash

Ryan met his twin brother in the hospital | Source: Unsplash

Before Sebastian could say anything, Ryan told him that he wasn't donating his kidney. Sebastian begged him for forgiveness, but Ryan didn't budge. He explained:

"He then called in our mum and dad and told them that I wasn't going to give up my kidney, they then started to spout off that I owed them for my existence."


Ryan argued with his parents and told them he wouldn't donate his kidney because of whatever happened in the past. He walked out of the hospital room, deciding not to see his family ever again.

Ryan was sure he wasn't donating his kidney | Source: Unsplash

Ryan was sure he wasn't donating his kidney | Source: Unsplash

A few days later, Ryan received another call from his sister informing him about Sebastian's death. She asked him if he was OK, to which he replied that he didn't feel anything.

The next day, he received calls from his family members telling him how bad of a son and brother he was. They criticized him for not donating his kidney to Sebastian.

Ryan posted his story on Reddit, confessing he doubted his decision, but later realized he did the right thing. Other users read his post and expressed their thoughts in the comments section.

He posted his story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash

He posted his story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash

MemeLordyBoi17 assured Ryan that he had made the right decision. The user wished him good luck and told him not to feel bad if his parents criticized him in the future.

ThatOneOverYonder appreciated Ryan's reaction and said that she would have laughed at everyone in the hospital room if she was in his place.

Another user pointed out that donating a kidney wasn't something easy. They added that the donor has to make careful lifestyle choices and consume medicines for the rest of their lives. The Redditor said they wouldn't donate their kidney to someone unless they were very close to them.

Most users appreciated Ryan for taking revenge because they felt his twin brother had gone too far. They didn't feel bad for Sebastian.

Other users shared their thoughts in the comments section | Source: Unsplash

Other users shared their thoughts in the comments section | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

If you were Ryan, would you visit Sebastian knowing what he did to you?

Ryan didn't think twice before going to the hospital, but some people might disagree with what he did. They might believe that he shouldn't have gone there because he had cut ties with him nine years back. However, some people might think that blood ties come first no matter what happens.

Do you think Ryan should have donated his kidney when Sebastian apologized to him for everything he had done?

When Ryan realized his brother would ask him to donate his kidney, he immediately refused because of what had happened in the past. However, some people might think he should have forgiven his brother since he had the power to save his life.

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