'Dial 999, I Love You': Last Words by Mom-Of-Three to Her Husband before She Died from a 'Bad Cough'

Lois Oladejo
Dec 29, 2021
08:00 A.M.

Christmas was gloomy for a family in Neath after the matriarch collapsed due to bouts of a bad cough. However, she left her husband an unforgettable message before passing away.


While the yuletide is a season of celebration for many families, unfortunately, some families see it as a time of sober reflection and reminisce on the times spent with their loved ones.

For Liz Mellor's family, the festive period is a time they will always remember that she passed on and left a vacuum in their hearts. Mellor died last year, amid Christmas, due to pulmonary related complications.

Pictures of Liz Mellor looking joyous before her death | Photo:  twitter.com/DailyMailUK

Pictures of Liz Mellor looking joyous before her death | Photo: twitter.com/DailyMailUK

A few days before Christmas, Liz was said to have had a bad cough, and her GP told her a virus caused it. However, the virus did not seem to be a serious issue because no one was particularly worried.

Liz, a nurse at Singleton Hospital in Swansea, took precautions by undergoing an x-ray. However, Liz's health was apparently greatly affected, but according to reports, the cough did not seem to cause her demise.


The mom-of-three was sick all through Christmas and barely got by despite it being her favorite time of the year. Liz's death left her family devastated and her sister, Cath Morris, opened up on how the sad news left her.

Morris explained that her father had left a message on her phone after calling several times. This was an unusual occurrence, and she got a cue from there that something was wrong.


Morris would come to know that her beloved sister, Liz, had passed on. She explained that on the day Liz died, she complained to her husband about feeling like she could not breathe.

She then told her spouse that she would go upstairs, which was airier. However, after a few minutes, Liz's spouse heard her frantic call, and when he got there, she was weak. Cath stated:

"'He ran upstairs and she just looked at him and said 'dial 999, I love you' and she just collapsed onto the floor. Then her heart stopped."


Cath shared that her sister was healthy, and the family was unaware of any underlying conditions. Liz was said to only ever go to the hospital when she was in labor. The late nurse is survived by her teenage son, Max, twin toddlers, Kitty and Eliza, and her spouse, Mike.

This year another heartbreaking occurrence was recorded just a few days before Christmas. Yvonne Brown, a teacher from Maryland, passed away after struggling with COVID-19.


Brown, a mom-of-two, was known for her uplifting spirit, and according to her spouse, Neville Adams, she always motivated people to follow their dreams. However, one sad thing was that Brown was opposed to taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Her husband explained that she had some conspiracy theory about the vaccine and made no move to take it. He added that it was sad that many people were misinformed. Adams shared that he wanted his wife to be remembered for her loving spirit through it all.


Last month served as a period of remembrance for many families in Scotland who lost their loved ones to COVID-19. One of these families was the Baird family, who mourned the loss of their loved one, Rashelle Baird.

Rashelle was described as "kind, bubbly," and always the life and soul of the party." She had been ready to take the vaccine but could not make it in time for her doctor's appointment because of her motherly duties.

Rashelle's father, Stephen Baird, stressed that she wanted to take the vaccine but had to put her kids first. She was an asthma patient, and when she started feeling the symptoms of COVID-19, Rashelle just thought it was a cold.

She also felt she caught a cold through her children. However, the situation only worsened, and Rashelle was admitted to the hospital. The mom-of-three died several days later at the hospital. She was 27 years old.


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