December 31, 2021

Lorraine Toussaint Left Her Husband in 2019 after Almost 2 Years Together & Became a Single Mother Again

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Trinidadian American actress Lorraine Toussaint is one proud and protective mother of one. The "Equalizer" alum once revealed that she might be a single woman forever when it comes to romance.

Lorraine Toussaint is a single mother "by design" to daughter Samara. After enduring a violent childhood and being silenced, the producer shared that has impacted her role as a mom:

“It forged all of my great qualities as a mother. I recognized that you cannot brutalize a child’s body without being violent to their spirit.”

Lorraine Toussaint



"I know what it was like not to have a voice, so my daughter has a voice. I veto that voice when needed because at the end of the day, I am the grown-up, but I hear her," Toussaint added.

When asked about the best parenting advice she ever received, the 61-year-old divulged they told her to follow her motherly instincts, adding: "I listen to my belly talk, not my head talk when it comes to my daughter."

Lorraine Toussaint visits the Build Series to discuss "The Village" at Build Studio on March 25, 2019 in New York City | Photo: Getty Images



The "Fast Color" star told Working Mother in 2014 that her child was "exceedingly" proud of her. She shared an instance whereby Samara causally name-drops when talking to other people:

“I never realize it except when she’s talking to other people, and she’ll start spouting facts as if she’s my publicist - and name-dropping! She’s a dreadful little name-dropper.”



In March 2019, the "Rosewood" star revealed to The New York Post that she and her child love Gotham Market while sharing Samara is a foodie. The teenager is also a dancer, and she and her mom frequently go to the Joyce Theater.

The mother and daughter love having pastries in the morning and walking their dog at the Hudson River Park. Toussaint disclosed she and Samara have standing acupuncture together at Silver Acupuncture on Sunday afternoons.



Now a divorcee, Toussaint ended her nearly two-year marriage with Robert Michael Tomlinson in March 2019 after filing her divorce petition in Los Angeles.

The former couple wed on June 25, 2017, and had no kids together. In her filing, the award-winning actress asked the court to award her spousal support and block the court's ability to grant support the other way around.



While she has been open about her personal life, Toussaint's "Equalizer" star, Queen Latifah, who plays the lead role of Robyn McCall, has kept her life low-key.

According to The Sun, in 2009, Latifah, 51, met dancer and choreographer Eboni Nichols, and by 2013 they were reportedly dating. The pair welcomed a child in 2019.

Meanwhile, Adam Goldberg, who portrays Harry Keshegian, a computer hacker, started dating longtime girlfriend Roxanne Daner in 2008. She is an artist, illustrator, and designer. Per Us Weekly, Daner gave birth in 2014, and she and Goldberg are now a family of four.

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