Doubtful of his kids' paternity, man demands children take a DNA test | Unsplash
Source: Doubtful of his kids' paternity, man demands children take a DNA test | Unsplash

Man Finds Out His Wife Was Cheating on Him and Requires Children to Take a DNA Test

Rita Kumar
Jan 16, 2022
12:00 A.M.
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A young man fears the aftermath of his paternity test results and worries his dad’s love for him would fade away, leading to abandonment.


An 18-year-old guy felt pressured to take a DNA test to come out clean about his paternal roots and prove that he was indeed his “father’s” son. But deep inside, the guy knew it wasn’t short of a rollercoaster ride.

A Redditor whose username has now been deleted for apparent reasons narrated his story on the online forum famous for receiving opinions from people. He said he didn’t want to take the test because he was “SCARED” of the truth.

Man doubts his children's paternity after wife's infidelity comes to light | Photo: Unsplash


It’s a unique pain when a parent places their fears and worries on their children. But what if they’d feel relieved with a simple DNA test? After discovering his wife’s infidelity, one guy’s dad thought this was it.

The Original Poster (OP)’s dad found out his wife’s cheating history but was unsure when and with whom. However, the family was sure it was around the same time she was a stay-at-home mom.

The interesting dilemma surfaced when OP doubted if he or any of his two siblings, a brother and an older sister, could be the odd one out.

OP's mom's infidelity unleashed certain doubts regarding his paternal roots | Photo: Pexels


OP felt this way because he was aware that his mother had all three children around the same time she had an extramarital affair.

Their mom’s infidelity took a toll on their parents’ relationship. Eventually, OP’s dad decided to end his marriage and wanted all the children to take a DNA test to prove they were his.

The worst part is—the child that’s proven not to be biologically related wouldn’t get a dime from him for their college. The entire situation wasn’t short of the worst nightmare for OP, but it wasn’t how his older sister felt.

The guy's parents decided to divorce | Photo: Pexels


She confidently took the test as she was optimistic about her paternal roots. OP was pretty sure the results would come back in his sister’s favor because she resembled their dad.

The whole “DNA demand” wasn’t about college but about the dad who OP had known his entire life abandoning him just because his wife’s infidelity hurt him.

The dad agreed to pay for her college as her results turned up positive. By now, OP started feeling uneasy, thinking he or his brother had a different father.

Deep inside, OP was quite sure he would be the odd one out as he felt he didn’t resemble his dad and even recalled people telling him he looked nothing like the rest of his family.


The dad agreed to fund his daughter's college | Photo: Pexels

The situation worsened with time, fueling more doubts concerning OP’s uncertainty about his paternity. He feared his dad would turn his back on him.


OP didn’t want to take the test as he’d already guessed the results and feared risking college. Moreover, the money was set aside as investments and not in a college fund, so gaining access to it was impossible.

With college commencing in September, OP started feeling worried over not being able to afford it without his dad’s help. So in a fit of rage, the teen told his dad that he wouldn’t take the test, only to be shattered by his response.

OP refused to take the test, much to his dad's frustration | Photo: Pexels


The dad said it was fine and that he would assume OP wasn’t his biological son and hence not have anything to do with him since he was 18 already.

The situation saw no conclusion, let alone a positive outcome, and OP stayed with his mom. He was furious with his parents for putting him in this confused state and turned to Reddit for advice to figure out if he’d made a wrong decision.

The people online overwhelmingly responded in OP’s favor, and some even advised him with alternatives to overcome his plight.

The teen turned to social media for guidance | Photo: Pexels


“I’d have the DNA test done personally just to find out, and if you aren’t your dad’s, try to figure out who your bio dad is,” Redditor Squishoms wrote.

The person advised that the details concerning paternity could help if doctors have specific hereditary health questions in the future and added:

“Go to the college you think will be best for your future. I funded my own college. My parents didn’t pay a dime. You can do it. It’s harder, but you are capable.”

As the discussion warmed up, more people agreed that OP needed to take the test and not shy away from the results for his own good.


Some advised OP that he was capable of funding his college without seeking his father's help | Photo: Pexels

“Take the test for yourself, OP…It is so unfair of your dad to do this - he still raised you…he just sounds like he wants to hurt your mom through you kids,” user Juliennix said.


Meanwhile, Redditor Drag0nqueen told OP how the whole “DNA demand” wasn’t about college but about the dad who OP had known his entire life abandoning him just because his wife’s infidelity hurt him.

A person recounted the emotional things they'd say to their dad if they were OP | Photo: Pexels


The person also shared what they would say to OP's father if in OP's shoes. “You are my dad…The fact that your pain and anger at my mother makes you willing to give me up, willing to give up our relationship, and the fact that you’ve been my dad for my entire life and willing to abandon me is destroying me,” the user explained.

After rummaging through the thread of supportive responses, OP realized the importance of taking up the challenge instead of shying away from it.

“After reading some of the comments, I’ve decided to do the test,” he stated and concluded that though he didn’t want to take the test out of fear, it was now evident it would be better if he knew his paternity.


OP agreed to take the paternity test | Photo: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Would it be okay for the dad to steal his son’s future only because his wife cheated on him?


Many people online argued how it would be unfair on the dad’s part to deprive the future of a child he’d raised for 18 years. Some vented, saying it was unwise to punish kids for someone else’s mistake. However, it’s still unclear if the dad would change his mind considering two factors: the DNA test results & his willingness to embrace his son regardless of his paternity.

Is it okay when parents suddenly start feeling conditional concerning their child/children’s paternity after discovering a spouse’s infidelity?

Despite raising him for 18 years, the dad said he wouldn’t have anything to do with OP and would assume he wasn’t biologically his after OP refused to take the DNA test. However, the people online advised OP to confront his dad and ask him if his love was conditional. Some even said the dad had misplaced the anger he felt towards OP’s mother and would snap to his senses from it. However, it’s still guesswork if the dad would continue to love OP regardless of the DNA test results.

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