Desperate Dad Robs Store to Pay For Daughter's Surgery — Gives the Money Back after Counting It

Dayna Remus
Jan 16, 2022
06:00 A.M.
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Feeling that he had no other option, one individual took outrageous action to save a loved one. The question is, did the authorities take punitive measures, or were they more forgiving? 


What would you do if someone in your family or one of your relatives was in severe need of assistance but didn't have the money to resolve the issue? 

One man, conjuring his inner Walter White as many fans of the series would say, chose to "break bad." For those who aren't familiar with the show, he crossed a line, choosing to do something that many would deem inexcusable. 

Disguised man holding up a gun in a store.┃Source:



In 2019, at a 1 Stop Smoke Shop in Philadelphia, a hopeless father made his way into the store -- gun in hand, he looked ominous, dressed in black and covered in a hoodie.

Walking towards the cashier, the robber waved the weapon around, demanding that she give him all the money in the cash register. She remained calm, handing him all the money. 

Disguised man with a gun walking into a store.┃Source: 17



The suspect eventually found himself with a few hundred dollars, and his demeanor changed drastically. According to the cashier, he went from threatening to friendly. 

The store owner implied that society should take more responsibility in this capacity.

The almost-thief returned the cash and said it would not be enough to pay for his daughter's kidney transplant. Then, as if nothing had happened, he walked out of the store. 

Disguised man with a gun standing in front of the cashier at a store as she opens the cash register.┃Source: 17



Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew commented, expressing that the suspect still broke the law despite his touching rationale. In his own words, the Captain stated

“He still is in violation of the law for committing a robbery even though he didn’t walk away with anything.”

However, he expressed that law enforcement was happy the suspect took no money or injured anyone. The unnamed individual was eventually charged with armed robbery.

Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew.┃Source: 17



Although many agreed that he should face the consequences of his actions, they still expressed compassion for his situation. 

The store owner implied that society should take more responsibility in this capacity. He said we should assist individuals such as this man who found themselves in desperate circumstances. 


Local police officials also claimed that they were willing to look into the suspect's situation with his daughter and provide some help. 

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Many would take this story and cite it as proof that police officers and those in power have the capacity for sympathy.

Officials from the Minneapolis Health Department only drove this point home. They helped a young boy, Jaequan, save his business that was about to be crushed.


Teenager Jaequan Faulkner opened a fast-food stand in 2018. However, he nearly had to take it down when the Health Department received communication that the then-13-year-old's business was unlicensed.

Instead of forcing him to shut down, the Department Environmental Health Director Dan Huff ensured that health inspectors assisted the young boy in getting his stand up to code.

These inspectors also provided Jaequan with the $87.00 short-term permit legally required to serve food. Humanity, it seems, hasn't lost its heart after all. 

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