Woman Decides to Give Birth Earlier after Her Husband's Devastating Cancer Diagnosis

Jan 14, 2022
04:20 A.M.
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When a couple found out they were expecting a baby, they were excited. Sadly, their joy turned into worry when they discovered the father-to-be had cancer. They made a big decision after his diagnosis. 


Liam Burton was looking forward to becoming a father, but the 30-year-old received life-changing news at the worst time. His partner, Kate Murphy, would need his support during the pregnancy, but he had another battle to fight. 

Doctors told the couple from Leigh, England, that Burton had a rare form of colon cancer. His scans showed a stage three tumor that they had to treat as soon as possible. Their lives were turned upside down last year. 

A pregnant mother-to-be who found out her partner has cancer [left] A dog rests its head on a sickly soon-to-be dad [right] | Photo: instagram.com/katepmurphy



The dad-to-be was set to begin with radiotherapy and chemotherapy surgery. When the mother looked at the timeline before her, she couldn't picture giving birth without Burton at her side.

She made a big decision and brought her due date forward. They opted for a c-section which allowed them to plan the baby's arrival. Murphy said

"It was not something Liam told me to do, it took us a couple of days to realize what we’ve been told, and then once I finally had a chance to look at the dates, we learned about side effects." 



The mother knew if they waited for the baby to arrive naturally, her partner might be too sick to be present. The side effects of the chemotherapy would have taken a toll on Burton, and she didn't want that during their baby's special moment. 

Murphy shared that doctors wanted her to have a natural birth but agreed to her request due to Burton's illness. She added: "They all agreed and are going the extra mile to help us out."



Both of them had to take leave from their jobs due to the pregnancy and Burton's diagnosis. Financially, they struggled, and the father-to-be's brother decided to help. He set up a JustGiving page where people can donate. 

The brother expressed: "Times after this are not going to be easy with Liam starting chemo and Kate now having a baby to take care of." He hopes they will get the financial support they need. 



Another mother did everything possible so that her sickly husband could meet his child in 2019. Brett Kinloch battled cancer for four years and was losing the fight.

His wife, Nicola, had one desire—that he would meet their baby girl. After giving birth, the mother rushed to the medical facility where her spouse was being looked after.



She made it in the nick of time and allowed Kinloch precious moments cuddling his daughter. He sadly passed away a few hours later, but he held on just long enough to meet his little girl. 

Both mothers, Nicola and Murphy, didn't want to experience the joy of their new babies by themselves. While their births were shadowed by sadness due to their husbands' cancer, they put the newborns first and prioritized their time together. 


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