14-Year-Old Mom Enters Restaurant with Her Newborn, Hands It to a Customer and Quickly Leaves

Dayna Remus
Jan 14, 2022
11:00 A.M.
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An abandoned newborn was close to death, with its ability to breathe slowly fading away. One patron at a restaurant attempted to rescue the little one, but would it work, or was a tragedy inevitable?


Many women find themselves in positions where they are too young, not in a good financial situation, or simply do not want to raise a baby. 

Some go the legal route and give their child or children up for adoption. In other circumstances, and usually out of hopelessness, they abandon them.

Alease Scott sitting down and holding a newborn baby. [left]; Alease Scott standing up and holding a newborn baby [right].┃Source: youtube.com/6abc Philadelphia


Well-known approaches include leaving their baby on a porch or sometimes even putting them in a dumpster. However, one anonymous teenager in New Jersey took an unusual approach. 

A teenager walking into an El Patron with a newborn baby.┃Source: youtube.com/6abc Philadelphia



Looking desperate, as the owner of the restaurant El Patron, Frankie Aguilar, recollected, a 14-year-old entered the eatery with a newborn, with its umbilical still attached. An onlooker recalled

"All she asked for was help and that she had found an abandoned baby."

The child was, of course, the teenager's, which she handed to customer Alease Scott. With the patron's attention solely placed on the newborn, Scott didn't notice that the teen had suddenly vanished. 



Using her knowledge of CPR, the patron realized the baby was finding it difficult to breathe. She called local authorities who came with the necessary equipment, recollecting

"Once I applied the oxygen mask to the baby, all of a sudden we heard the most beautiful cry and the baby started moving."

Scott holds no judgment towards the young biological mom, stating that the teenager was simply desperate. The legal system also expressed compassion, with the teen facing no charges. The little one was reportedly put up for adoption. 



It would be beyond many to imagine what happened in the El Patron restaurant as a common occurrence. However, it appears that eateries have a knack for miraculous incidents.

In one case, a young man, Jamario Howard, caught sight of an elderly lady eating alone at Brad's Bar-B-Que in Oxford, Alabama, while out with his friends.

Noticing that she was all by herself, Howard took action, walking up to the elderly woman's table and striking up a conversation.

A widow who was eating alone the day before her marriage anniversary [left] Elderly woman eats with a group of caring youngsters [right] | Photo: youtube.com/CBS Evening News

He discovered the widow Eleanor Baker's 60th anniversary was coming up the next day and, touched by her story, invited her to eat with him and his companions. Baker stated that the gesture meant everything to her.

Have you ever been in a situation like Howard's or Scott's, where you were in a position to help? If you have, what did you choose to do? 


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