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Girl Abandons Her Friend in a Wheelchair, Is Later Branded Selfish

Salwa Nadeem
Jan 18, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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A 16-year-old girl confessed that she had left her friend who used a wheelchair in the mall's parking lot. She shared that she had started resenting her because of her changed behavior.


She posted her story on Reddit because people around her told her she wasn't a good friend. They made her feel guilty about abandoning her friend in the parking lot.

However, the girl felt she did the right thing. She blew up at her friend and abandoned her because she had done something unacceptable while they were shopping inside the mall.

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The Redditor revealed that her friend got into an accident three years ago. She had known her friend for 11 years, and watching her suffer and confined to a wheelchair was not easy.

OP (Original Poster) also shared that she lost her dog around the time her friend got into an accident. However, she prioritized her friend's grief over hers. She explained:

"I put her in front of losing my dog, even though 13-year-old me was wrecked, and tried my best to be her "rock" while she was in tough times."

OP lost her beloved dog | Source: Unsplash


OP confessed that things weren't the same after her friend got better. She felt her friend dominated the relationship by demanding that everything go her way. 

While shopping at a clothing store, her friend was caught shoplifting. 

Her friend always expected her to be there for her. She frequently asked OP to do a lot of things for her. OP always obliged because a part of her felt bad for her friend. 

OP felt her relationship with her friend wasn't the same | Source: Unsplash


However, OP eventually started resenting her friend because she felt she was not letting her live her life. Whenever OP wanted to go out with other people, her friend would stop her by saying she feared losing her. She explained:

"I had to get up whenever she wanted to get something, pick up whatever food she ordered, tie her shoelaces, carry her bags around, walk her dog, take her things to class, and so on."

OP felt she couldn't assist her friend anymore because it affected her personal life. She felt annoyed and wanted to vent her anger, but other people always told her to stop feeling that way. They told her to "imagine what she was going through."


OP was annoyed | Source: Pexels

As time passed, her resentment grew, and she eventually blew up at her friend after an incident occurred in the mall.


While shopping at a clothing store, her friend was caught shoplifting. When the management caught her, she instantly blamed OP for putting the clothes in her bag. OP felt ashamed and denied her allegations. 

The store management then checked the CCTV footage and saw OP's friend putting the clothes in her bag. OP was furious and decided this was the last time she was helping her friend. 

OP and her friend were shopping at a clothing store when an incident occurred | Source: Unsplash


After calling a car for her friend, OP blew up at her in the parking lot. She told her to stay away from her and find someone else to take care of her. 

After reaching home, OP discovered that her friend's mother had already told her mother about the incident. Her friend's mother said OP broke the girl's heart and "abandoned her in the parking lot." She explained:

"Everyone is telling me that I'm not a true friend and that I'm selfish."

She left her friend in the parking lot | Source: Unsplash


Feeling guilty after hearing other people's reactions, OP posted her story on Reddit to ask if she had done something wrong. RamblingManUK replied that OP's friend took advantage of her. The Redditor assured OP she wasn't at fault and told her that she didn't need her friend in her life. 

Wholockian123 believed OP's friend got used to having a "personal servant" and developed an entitlement complex. The user explained:

"Stealing clothes and blaming it on her friend is definitely an entitled thing to do"

She posted her story on Reddit | Source: Unsplash


The user also believed the people telling OP that she did the wrong thing weren't thinking correctly. Meanwhile, nau5 felt OP's friend hadn't recovered from the tragedy and needed therapy to solve her mental health issues. The user also felt her parents abandoned her. 

After reading the comments, OP shared an update, revealing she had told the entire story to her parents. Her mother was angry after hearing what her daughter went through. She immediately called OP's friend's mother, asking her to talk to her daughter. OP also spoke to her friend and told her she wouldn't be there for her anymore. 

OP's parents bought a new dog for her and hosted a burial for her deceased dog so she could feel better. She confessed that the incident made her learn more about boundaries and friendships. She thanked everyone for sharing their thoughts in the comments section. 


OP's parents got her another dog | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP could have communicated her feelings in a better way?


OP didn't tell her friend about how she felt. Perhaps, if she told her about her dog's death, she wouldn't resent her in the first place. However, some people might agree OP was not able to tell her friend about the problems in her life since she was going through so much herself. 

Do you think OP was at fault?

OP agreed that she was at fault for leaving her friend alone in the parking lot. However, some Redditors disagreed. They said her friend had her phone with her, and OP called a car, so she wasn't getting into trouble. Do you think leaving her friend alone was the wrong decision?

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