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Woman Enters Church and Gets Kicked Out Due to a Private Event There

Salwa Nadeem
Jan 17, 2022
04:40 A.M.
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A woman was seen arguing with police officers in a viral TikTok video. The woman apparently entered a church during a private event, and the police arrived to kick her out.


The TikTok user uploaded videos to explain what happened in the church. His first video showed a clip of the woman arguing with the police officers. 

His first video clip managed to get 4.4 million views, prompting users to ask what happened inside the church. He uploaded three more videos to explain what happened to the woman.

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The TikTok user shared that he was attending his boyfriend's nephew's birthday party at the church when an unknown lady entered. 

The church was closed to the public, but the lady still went inside. "When she came into the church, nobody knew who she was," narrated the TikTok user. 

None of the guests or the hosts said anything to the woman until she showed her anger. With a furious look on her face, the woman walked to the cooler to get herself a drink. 

There was a birthday party inside the church | Source: Unsplash


Seeing an unknown lady take a drink made the hosts curious. One of them approached the lady and asked her if she had been invited to the birthday party. 

The police talked to the lady for some time to find out what had made her so angry.

Upon being questioned, the lady started yelling at the hosts and the children present there. Everyone was terrified to see an unknown woman scream at a 2-year-old's birthday party.

After watching the lady scream, the hosts were clueless about her next move. They immediately looked for the person's number from whom they rented the church. 


The hosts looked for the number of the person who rented out the church to them| Source: Unsplash

"So, when we couldn't find the number to call, we realized the next best thing to do was to call the non-emergency number," narrated the TikTok user. The hosts believed the police would handle the situation much better. The TikTok user added:


"We were nervous of what she might do next."

The guests anxiously waited for the police to arrive. They distanced themselves from the lady, hoping she wouldn't hurt them. They heard police sirens outside the church twenty minutes later.

The cops arrived after twenty minutes | Source: TikTok


The police talked to the lady for some time to find out what had made her so angry. It turned out that she wanted coffee from the coffee shop in the church but she couldn't because the shop was closed. She believed the shop was closed because of the party.

However, the TikTok user said, "The coffee shop in the church closed every single day at 12:00 and it was 4:30 around the time she arrived."

The lady was adamant about not leaving the church until she got her coffee even when the police tried their best to explain that she couldn't buy her coffee because the coffee shop was closed. 

The cops talked to the woman | Source: TikTok


She also refused to give her name when the cops asked her for it. At this point, her presence in the church had overshadowed the birthday party since she became the center of attention.

After many failed attempts to talk her into leaving the church, the police finally gave her an ultimatum. A lady police officer said

"You have five seconds to leave or we are going to assist you in that manner."

The police officers asked the lady to step out | Source: TikTok


The woman sitting on the chair refused to leave. When the cops tried to assist her in getting up, she tripped and fell to the ground. The TikTok user explained:

"This was basically the end of the situation until she was seen standing right outside the window of the indoor playground."

The woman stared at the children for a while before disappearing. The party hosts felt she wasted a lot of time and money, but they still tried to keep the guests entertained for the remaining time. 

A user commented under the video | Source: TikTok


The TikTok videos went viral, but not everyone was happy to know someone rented a church for a birthday party. A TikTok user named DLA wrote, "Churches being rented out? This is why they need to pay their share of taxes."

Katelin Roberts saw the situation differently, believing the woman didn't receive the proper treatment. She wrote, "Imagine she just escaped an abusive relationship and needed a safe place and went to a CHURCH, and this is how she was treated." Another woman wrote:

"So instead of just being the hands and feet of Jesus and giving her something to drink.... But nah. 2yr old birthday too important."


Comments under the TikTok video | Source: TikTok

Another user named Alaskan X believed the woman was already having a bad day when the hosts, including the TikTok user, made her day even worse. 


The TikTok user replied that no one would have said anything to her if she didn't start yelling at the guests. He pointed out that no one said anything until she got angry. 

Most TikTok users were amazed at how the church allowed people to host birthday parties in the venue. They also thought the woman was mistreated inside the church. 

Comments under the TikTok video | Source: TikTok


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the party hosts could have handled the situation better?

The hosts immediately called the police when they saw the woman screaming. Some people might agree that they could have talked to the woman calmly to solve the issue, which would have saved their time. Or they could have allowed the woman to sit in the church quietly without disturbing the birthday party. However, other people might think the hosts did the right thing by calling the police.

Is it wrong to rent out churches for parties?

Many TikTok users objected to having parties in a church. They bashed the poster, saying it was unethical to host a birthday party there. What do you think?

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