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Wife Sees Disabled Vet Husband in Tears with Keys and Touching Note from a Neighbor in His Hand

Lois Oladejo
Jan 16, 2022
10:40 P.M.
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In 2016, a disabled soldier was filled with tears after finding a huge surprise and a touching note from a kind stranger who had observed his struggle with cutting his lawn.


The great majority of soldiers fighting overseas pay significant sacrifices to keep their creed of protecting lives. They abandon their families, travel to foreign nations, and put their lives on the line to ensure that everyone else is safe.

Sadly, their sacrifices are frequently overlooked. Yet, most of the time, they never return the same. Some soldiers even return with life-threatening injuries or mental disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder.

Garrett, his son and a friend in a warm embrace [left] A note from an anonymous donor [right]. Photo | Facebook.com



U.S. Army Specialist Christopher Garrett had his world turned around for the better after receiving the best news of his life since he left active combat. After being declared unfit and badly injured, Garrett returned home with a bullet wound that left him disabled.

Garrett had served in the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division as a combat engineer. Things turned sour for him when his squad was attacked while serving in Afghanistan. A bullet wound put an end to his dreams. 

As a result of his injury, Garrett's pelvis was severely fractured, and his life needed saving. He was then taken to a nearby hospital where doctors thankfully saved his life; however, he knew his career was over.


Garrett and his family, his wife Brittany, and their little son tried to live a normal life, but life without much mobility was not so normal for the former soldier. However, he tried to stay positive.

Although his injuries made it difficult for him to cut his lawn, Garrett wasn't deterred by that. Sometimes, it was a hurtful sight for his wife and kid when they saw him struggling with his new life.



Brittany shared a post on social media where she found her husband Garrett standing with their young son, his eyes filled with tears. At first, she thought he had suffered a breakdown or lost a relative, but Garrett assured her none of that had happened and instead showed her a bundle of keys.

When she looked across their yard, she saw a brand new John Deere riding lawn mower, gifted to them by their neighbor alongside a note that thanked Garrett for his service to Americans.

Garrett and his family had no idea who their benefactor was, but they believed they must have seen the former soldier struggle to help his family keep their home clean and decided to help.


Brittany took to her Facebook to share the touching story and her gratitude to the kind stranger who might not have known how valuable this act of kindness was to her family.

Unfortunately, at the time, Garrett still had a long road ahead in his recovery. However, thanks to a kind samaritan, the road was made a little smoother.

It's always good to see veterans being shown kindness. In 2017, a U.S. veteran who had always helped others was left in tears when a man covered his bills after shopping. Read the full story.