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Friends Tell 4 Women They Look like Sisters and They Find Out It's True after a DNA Test

Dayna Remus
Jan 18, 2022
10:20 P.M.
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Two strangers who look eerily alike made a shocking discovery about their true identities. However, what course of action did they take when they found out who they really were? 


Adopted twins Rachelle Arthur Dyer and Kristelle Harrington were born in the 1960s, living in Seattle with their adoptive parents. Their biological mom gave them up for adoption because she felt she couldn't look after them. 

Shannon Holley Nicoll and her sister Lisa Holley Vann were born not too long after in Virginia Beach. These two pairs of siblings didn't seem connected until Dyer moved to Virginia Beach in 2004.

Sisters Lisa Holley Vann, Kristelle Harrington, Rachelle Dyer, and Shannon Holley Nicoll. | Source: facebook.com/lisa.holleyvann



Dyer and Nicoll shared mutual friends who pushed them into meeting one another, astounded at the two women's resemblance. They eventually connected at a concert. Dyer was aghast, recalling

"Almost like looking in a mirror. The looks, the mannerisms."

Although everyone claimed they looked like sisters, both educators chalked it up to a fluke. This is until the pair received a revelatory bombshell.

Shannon Nicoll and Rachelle Dyer meeting for the first time at a Kenny Chesney concert. | Source: youtube.com



In 2017, it was found via DNA tests taken by Dyer, who was curious about her heritage, that she was related to Nicoll.

This finding meant that twins Dyer and Harrington were half-siblings to Nicoll and Vann. As a result of this realization, all four women chose to connect over social media. 



It was only in 2019 that all of them agreed to meet in person. Speaking about their first face-to-face, the four siblings all expressed that it was "amazing," with Nicoll saying

"We haven't skipped a beat since."

She also revealed that her kids were utterly shocked by how similar their laughs sounded. Nicoll stated that they were even finishing one another's sentences



Sadly, the sisters' biological mom had died, meaning her biological twin daughters would never be able to meet her. Although this leaves a somewhat bittersweet undertone, the siblings chose to focus on the positive, with Nicoll expressing

"This has been the biggest gift you can imagine."

Although they said they had no solid plans to meet up again, the blood relatives vowed to keep in contact with one another. Hopefully, with their beautiful familial bond, they stuck to this promise. 

Li Jingwei reuniting with his family. │Source: youtube.com/South China Morning Post



As we can see by these remarkable sisters, reuniting with lost family can be a beautiful experience. One man, in particular, was deeply touched when he finally found his mother after being kidnapped as a child.

Li Jingwei was abducted at four years old in 1988, and all he could remember from his childhood was a map of his village. He drew this map obsessively and repeatedly while growing up.

A hand-drawn map of Li Jingwei’s village. │Source: youtube.com/South China Morning Post


On December 24, 2021, Jingwei shared an image of this drawn map on TikTok. Fellow TikTokers then provided clues that the police followed, eventually leading them to his mom.

He claimed that he instantly recognized his mother, who stated that she never believed she would see him again. 

Just like the four sisters, a once torn apart family was now back together again — ready to share all the love they were unable to express during their years apart. 


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