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Woman Laughs in Husband's Face When He Asks to Void Their Prenup after Learning She Earns More

Stephen Thompson
Jan 23, 2022
02:20 A.M.
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A woman was left surprised after her husband suggested they void their initially signed prenup that he insisted on as soon as she started earning more.


To date, many believe that having a prenuptial agreement before marriage is a sign of true love, especially if one partner is richer than the other.

That way, it guarantees both parties financial independence after a divorce. But what if a partner chooses to void a prenup with an ulterior motive in mind?

Husband suggests to void his prenup agreement with wife after she starts earning more. | Photo: Shutterstock


Sharing her experience on a popular subreddit known for getting people's opinions on non-violent conflicts, a woman explained how her husband changed his mind about their prenup after she started earning more.

In 2016, the original poster (OP) tied the knot with her 34-year-old husband. Like many women, before she got married, she bought the idea of a prenuptial agreement that separated her finances from her husband's during and after the marriage.

However, OP and her man were allowed to share one thing — an expense account to pay for household-related fees. At the time of the prenuptial agreement, OP barely made any money. She was just in graduate school, and on the other hand, her husband was quite financially stable.


OP and her husband signed a prenup before marriage. | Photo: Getty Images

She had debts from school, and her soon-to-be husband owned properties in Nebraska. So, for OP, signing a prenup was not weird. She understood that if she did not sign it and divorce ensued, her husband would be left with only a little. To her, he only suggested it to protect himself and his finances, and she had to play along.


Six years after they got married, OP's financial status got better. She had finished graduate school four years prior and was working and earning a decent amount of money. 

OP laughed in her husband's face and asked why she should listen to him.

OP got a decent job and her finances got better. | Photo: Getty Images


She worked as a CRNA and her husband was a software engineer, so OP assumed she earned three times more than her husband. The woman earned about $175 per hour for 40 to 48 hours a week.

On the other hand, her husband earned $90 thousand a year when they got married. As a result of her financial stability, the wife made contributions of about $1000 to $1200 monthly.

At one point, OP decided that it was time to buy a new car, as the one she was using was very old. The woman shared her decision with her husband, who paid less attention and asked her to do whatever she saw fit.

OP shared her plan of getting a new car with her husband. | Photo: Unsplash


One week after the discussion, OP purchased a new car — an Audi. Her husband was on a business trip when she bought it, and filled with excitement, the woman could not wait for her man to return to share the good news.

When OP's husband returned from his trip, she showed him her new car, and he was happy for her. But later that night, he began asking questions. He was eager to know how much his wife earned to afford a new car.

The man had been ignorant of how much his wife was paid monthly, as he had no interest in her career, and OP had stopped asking about his for a long time because he thought it was unethical.


OP purchased her new car and showed her husband on his return. | Photo: Getty Images

Replying to her husband, OP revealed that she paid for the vehicle in cash and had no monthly payments. Unsatisfied, the man questioned his wife further, asking where she got the cash from.


At that point, she was fed up with the questions. OP told her husband that she earned enough to take care of herself. After OP's response, her husband had nothing else to ask. He walked out, only to return a few hours later with a surprising statement.

The man mentioned to the wife that he thought it was best for them to void their prenup. OP laughed in her husband's face and asked why she should listen to him.

OP was confused when her husband talked about voiding thier prenup. | Photo: Getty Images


In his response, the man said they were married, and it was only right for them to share their financials. For OP, it was rather shocking. They had been married for six years and were fine being independent, so the sudden change of heart was very suspicious.

In conclusion, OP did not accept her husband's offer, and he angrily walked out and reported the incident to his family. They called OP, talked down on her, and reminded her how her husband was financially supportive when she was in school.

OP got into an argument with her husband. | Photo: Getty Images


Confused, OP began to doubt her actions and turned to Reddit for opinions if her decision was right. The post amassed 18,000 upvotes and over 2,300 comments. User SadderOlderWiser wrote:

"Sounds like an ex of mine that wanted to split expenses proportionately which was fine for many months… until I was laid off and we hit a month where he had to pay more and then he wanted to go 50-50."

OP Wass concerned after her husband got angry. | Photo: Pexels


Redditor FrootLoop47 sided with OP. The user wrote: "The fact that he specifically refused to tell his salary raises questions." Another user said:

"So he wanted the prenup initially to protect his money because you didn't have much, and now you have money, he wants to void the prenup so he can have more of your money? Hmm. No wonder you laughed in his face."

Although many users justified OP's decision, the woman still beat herself about what transpired. She decided to have a conversation with her husband to resolve the problem.

OP decided to have a talk with her husband to solve the problem. | Photo: Getty Images


Questions to Ponder

Do you think the husband's reason for voiding the prenup was genuine, or did he have an ulterior motive?

Some people online saw the husband's reason as genuine because they felt he asked to void the prenup after confirming his wife was not only after his money. 

However, as per OP's story, they had been married for six years, and the husband only changed his mind when he noticed his wife earned more than he did. If you were the woman, would you see the husband's claims as genuine?

Do you think the husband was right to ask his wife how much she earned after hiding his salary from her?


OP mentioned that her husband was never interested in her career and always got angry whenever she asked about his earnings. A user suggested that the man's refusal to talk about his salary was suspicious, and asking his wife questions about her wages portrayed him as a gold digger. Do you agree with them?

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