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Preschool Teacher Mocks Little Child for Crying, Not Realizing Child's Mom Was behind the Door

Stephen Thompson
Jan 20, 2022
02:20 A.M.
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A preschool teacher was relieved of her job after she made fun of a five-year-old girl for crying, without realizing her mother was listening from behind the door.


Truly, bad teachers are unusual, but they do exist. The path to becoming a certified teacher is challenging enough to stop most people who do not belong in the profession from pursuing the job.

However, occasionally, someone who might not be fit to be a teacher gets the credentials and a teaching position — or stays in the position long after their enthusiasm is gone. Most times, it results in students receiving terrible treatment from the teachers.

A preschool teacher was relieved of her job after mocking a student. | Photo: Shutterstock


Three years ago, Redditor Kednu took to Pro Revenge — a subreddit where stories of people getting revenge for unjust treatments are posted — to reveal how she was a victim of mockery from her preschool teacher at her tender age.

Throughout her childhood, the Redditor experienced several emotional traumas, often teased and taunted. As young as she was, the original poster (OP) was very sensitive. Kids from her school often tampered with her self-esteem, leading to emotional outbursts.

OP was mocked and called several names, including "cry baby." She had these experiences at different locations, but mostly in preschool, believing she was treated unfairly. She had another encounter at school one day, which led to yet another emotional outburst.


OP revealed she was called several names at school. | Photo: Shutterstock

It was a classmate's birthday and to celebrate with the other classmates, the celebrant's parents brought cupcakes for everyone. However, the cakes arrived at nap time and were to be shared after nap time was over.


In addition, the teacher insisted that only students who remained quiet and behaved would partake of the cupcake. As a cupcake lover, OP listened to her teacher and stayed as quiet as possible until nap time was over.

She bent down in front of OP and began mocking her for crying.

It was a girl's birthday in OP's class. | Photo: Getty Images


Finally, the time to share the cupcakes had come, and the teacher kept to her word. She began reading out the names of students who disobeyed her instructions and did not stay quiet. While the teacher called out the names, OP heard a name sounding like hers.

At five years old, the little girl could not help but be worried. She began to panic and cry at a corner of the classroom, insisting that she was being treated unfairly. OP's classmates tried to convince her that the teacher had called someone else's name, all to no avail.

OP kept on wailing until the teacher finally approached her. Rather than talk to the little girl calmly, the teacher started making fun of her. She bent down in front of OP and began mocking her for crying. Not only did the woman call the little girl a cry baby, but she also instructed her classmates to laugh at her. 


OP couldn't control her tears after her teacher kept mocking her. | Photo: Unsplash

The little girl was humiliated, as her face was red from embarrassment and drenched in tears. Although OP was torn apart, her emotions did not equate to that of her mother, who had been standing behind the door, listening to what transpired.


OP's mother was her hero. She was a single mother who worked at the same preschool and taught young children in the next class. Although the woman was poor, teaching in that preschool afforded her child a free education.

Despite being paid minimum wage, OP's mom always tried to give her daughter the best. So when she overheard her co-teacher maltreating her daughter, she was full of rage. The woman called the school director, who listened to how the little child was subjected to mockery.

OP's mother was angry at how the teacher treated her child. | Photo: Getty Images


After the incident ended, the director assured OP's mom that she would talk with the teacher. A few hours later, the teacher was sacked, and OP got an ice cream treat from her mother.

The little girl is all grown up and still considers her mother her hero. The post has gathered 150 upvotes, with the people online flooding her post with many comments. Redditor NeoNspin wrote:

"My heart soared when she got fired. I sorta hoped that she couldn't get another job, but oh well."

The teacher was disappointed after she got fired. | Photo: Getty Images


Another user said, "I'm wondering if she only got the job to mock children." When the story was shared, OP felt no pity for the teacher. She concluded by saying:

"[T]o the teacher who coerced an entire room of children to laugh at another child's tears, if you're reading this, go to hell."

OP received a ton of support from Redditors, who believed the teacher was not mentally sound and deserved the punishment she received.

OP's mother supported her and made sure she didn't continue to go through what she did. | Photo: Getty Images


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the teacher's action was justified since the girl began crying without realizing her name wasn't actually called?

OP mentioned that at the time, she was only five years old, and she had already experienced unfair treatment before the incident. OP's classmates also assured her it wasn't her name that was called. Though OP's outburst was not justified, do you think the teacher's reaction to her outburst was justified? 

Do you think forgiveness was an option regarding the director's decision to fire the teacher?

Most people online were delighted about the director's decision, as they felt the teacher needed to be taught a lesson. As per OP's story, the teacher mocked her and coerced other children into humiliating the little girl. If you were the director, would you pardon the teacher and not fire her right away?

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