'Blue Bloods's' Abigail Hawk & Her Husband Do Everything Themselves While Raising Their 2 Sons

Esther NJeri
Jan 22, 2022
10:40 A.M.
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Fans recognize Abigail Hawk for playing Detective Abigail Baker in the police procedural drama television series "Blue Bloods." But despite having a successful career in film, she strives to live a regular life. 


Speaking to Starry Magazine, she disclosed that she hated how her fans put her on a pedestal as she desires to be accessible and show people that her life is just as regular as theirs. 

Despite her successful role on the show, she is a mom, a wife, and a daughter. She disclosed that she has to pick up dog poop from the floor like anyone else with a pet would. 

Left: "Blue Bloods" actress Abigail Hawk with her husband Brian Spies. Right: The actress with her sons | Photo:


To the fan's dismay, "The Wrong Path" actress also confessed that she did not have a nanny and that she and her husband did everything themselves. She added:

"We're just normal people. We're worried about COVID. My husband is a first responder. I just try to be as transparent as possible and as real as possible."



Hawk and her character in "Blue Bloods" are both named Abigail, while her on-screen and real-life husbands are both named Brian.

And while Abigail Baker is married to NYPD Police Officer Brian Baker, Hawk's real-life husband is Bryan Spies, a first responder. The actress and Spies have been married since April 25, 2009, and even after a decade, they appear to still be madly in love. 


To celebrate her husband's 42nd birthday, Hawk thanked him for being a big help around the house and for being "handy, handsy, and handsome."

She also posted a cute photo for Fathers Day featuring her husband and their two sons. In one, the father of two is feeding their baby while he holds them in his lap in the second. 


The "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" alum refers to him as her best friend and is forever intrigued by his ability always to find a silver lining. 

As evident from Hawk's Instagram photos, the couple also loves spending time together. In some images, the couple enjoys a kayak ride, while in others, they have fun riding horses. 


Other photos show the couple's kids rock climbing and enjoying family time together in nature on Labour Day weekend. 


Hawk has been in the industry for years. The award-winning actress  is known for her roles in the 1995 TV series "Reality Check," "Rich Boy, Rich Girl," "Under The Stadium Lights," and "Almost Paris." 


She also played a real-life hero and pioneering scientist, Louise Pearce, in the award-winning short film "Distemper." Pearce helps find a cure for the African sleeping sickness pandemic raging across the Belgian Congo in the early 1920s, saving over two million people. 

She has held her role on "Blue Bloods" for the last decade, where she serves as the Primary Aide to the Commissioner. As part of the Commissioner's security detail, she is responsible for accessing and preparing Commissioner Reagan's official schedule.