Charo Was Happy With Husband of More than 40 Years - She Found Him Dead While Singing 'Good Morning'

Stephen Thompson
Jan 21, 2022
10:40 P.M.
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Famous entertainer Charo was walking through her home when she tragically found that her husband Kjell Rasten had shot himself. Inside their love story.


Before her marriage to Kjell Rasten, which lasted for over 40 years, Spanish-American Charo was married to controversial Latin musician Xavier Cugat.

Charo and Rasten had a kid together, and their relationship seemed fine until the entertainer lost the love of her life in tragic circumstances. Read on to find out more.

Photo of entertainer Charo at an event. [Left] | Charo in a photo with her late husband Kjell Rasten. [Right] | Photo: Getty Images Instagram/officialcharo



Charo's first marriage was to Cuban bandleader Xavier Cugat, also known as the "Rumba King." They were married from 1966 until 1978.

Cugat was a famous musician credited as one of the prime entertainers who made Latin-American rhythm notable between the 1930s and 1940s.

As a young kid born in Spain, Cugat started playing with a symphony orchestra when he was ten years old. He was also one of the first solo musicians to play on the radio when he performed on WDY, Camden, New Jersey, in 1921. 

Charo attends the Mercy For Animals 20th Anniversary Gala at The Shrine Auditorium on September 14, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


He also worked briefly as a cartoonist for The New York Times and a musician for Warner Bros. However, his breakthrough came when he was booked by the "Starlight Roof" of the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City.

His music was prevalent there, and soon he became a regular fixture with his show named "Cugat Room" of the Waldorf. The musician consistently made the news for his controversial personal life away from the music scene.

Charo got her start in the music business when Cugat added her to his performance roster as a form of revenge to his ex-wife and singer Abbe Lane, who divorced him.


Charo became his fourth wife, and like his previous marriages, their relationship also ended in a divorce. Cugat's first marriage was to band singer Carmen Elena Castillo in 1929, and the pair divorced in 1944. His second marriage to Lorraine Allen lasted from 1947 till 1952.

Afterward, he married singer Abbe Lane and was divorced from her in 1966, the same year he married Charro before their divorce in 1978. The musician also faced multiple law charges from his ex-spouses.


His second wife, Allen, and numerous police officers once broke into his hotel room to confront him and his third wife, Lane. Cugat spoke to reporters and declared his love for women between his third and fourth marriage. He said

"I like women—all women."



Charo's love story with Kjell Rasten started at the Golden Globes when she saw him and was immediately smitten by his good looks.

Afterward, her sister Carmen approached and invited Rasten to come and meet the singer. Charo and Rasten talked for a while and subsequently agreed to go on a lunch date together.

However, the lunch plans fell through because Charo was so focused on her career and was not convinced she had time for a relationship. 


After a year, she was at a gas station when Rasten walked up to her with a mustache and his glasses on. Charo did not recognize him but pretended as if she did. Rasten, after that, gave her his card to call him.

After a couple of days, she invited him over to dinner and promised she would make paella. Charo fell in love with Rasten during the dinner, and from that point, they became inseparable.

Charo explained that during her isolation; she realized that her time as a woman had ended.


The pair courted for seven months before they eventually tied the knot on August 11, 1978. Rasten became her manager, and the couple welcomed their son, Snell, in 1981.

The couple also moved to Hawaii because their son and Charo had to learn Japanese due to the rising number of Japanese people in the state capital, Honolulu. Their son Snell became a drummer for a heavy metal group called "Traezen."



After over 40 years of marriage, Rasten's body was found by Charo at the couple's Beverly Hills home when she went up to say good morning to him. She had called the police and paramedics with the initial belief that Rasten had fallen and hit his head. 

However, Charo was also seen running out of the house screaming and covered in blood. Afterward, she rode with Rasten in the ambulance as he was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

Rasten, suffering from a horrible skin disease called "Bullous Pemphigoid," had shot himself. Shortly after they arrived at the hospital, he was pronounced dead at the age of 78.


Afterward, Charo released a statement claiming Rasten was depressed due to his skin disease, and taking several medications became too much for him, which was why he committed suicide.

She explained none of the family members ever thought such a thing would happen, and she advised people to hold on and encourage anyone they know who is suffering from depression to prevent them from suicide. The music star also thanked fans for their continuous love and support towards her.



After the death of her husband, Charo stayed in her bedroom, crying but unable to pray because she felt empty. After 30 days of seclusion, she emerged from her room.

Charo explained that during her isolation, she realized that her time as a woman had ended. She would not be able to experience romantic love and would instead focus on her son, her sister, her nephew, and God.

The music star admitted she was still in love with life and would continue entertaining her fans and praying. Instead, she has decided to devote her life to bringing joy to others. 


Forty days after Rasten's death, Charo posted his picture and a clip-on her Instagram where she and her son Snell planted a tree in her late husband's honor as they drank wine.

Her goal is to save lives and is pleading with anyone who would listen to try as much as possible to save lives and keep suicide from happening ever again. She said:

"You must live! And you must watch out for the people you love!"

The singer plans to use her social media to bring joy to people and admitted that she feels happy when she makes other people happy.