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'Don't Open until First Disagreement': Couple Get Wedding Gift from Wise Aunt, Open It 9 Years Later

Dayna Remus
Jan 25, 2022
01:00 A.M.
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A mysterious box loomed in the background of a couple's marriage, giving them both a sense of unease and anticipation. Would the two ever have the courage to open it and face what's inside?


Like any marriage, partners are bound to face conflict and sometimes even come to a point where they may want to terminate their nuptials. 

However, by 2016 and with nine years of marriage behind them, Kathy and Brandon Gunn had faced all these demons head-on. They remained strong, not allowing anyone or anything to break their union. 

Kathy and Brandon Gunn [left]; A gift from Kathy's Great Aunt Alison [right]. | Source: facebook.com/lovewhatreallymatters facebook.com/kathy.hoctergunn



However, there was a strange elephant in the room in the form of a box that Kathy's Great Aunt Alison had given the duo as a wedding gift. It had a message attached, which read

"'Do not open until your 1st disagreement.'"

They had their fair share of friction at this point but had yet to open the box, fearful that it would symbolize a failing marriage. Quite opposingly, the symbolism was much more beautiful than either imagined. 



The duo finally chose to open the gift. Although, when they did, they found its contents were unimportant. The box in and of itself, instead, had played a role, Kathy realized

"For nine years..that box sat high on a shelf in various closets gathering dust, yet it somehow taught us about tolerance, understanding, compromise, and patience."

This story was shared online with netizens flocking to the post, which gained 23,000 reactions, 4000 shares, and 11,000 comments.



This heart-touching story was specifically shared on Facebook, with many positive comments coming through. One individual wrote

"I am getting married in two weeks, and to get a gift like this would be so symbolic of what marriage is all about. A beautiful gift from someone so special!"

Although pictures were provided in the post of the actual objects in the box, no one could see it, as the shots were vague. Many commenters were curious, borderline-demanding to know what was in the box. 



It turns out that the gifts in the box were classical, including money and bath products with a note directed at Kathy telling her to draw a bath and buy a meal they would both enjoy.  

On the other hand, the Great Aunt told Brandon, via a note as well, to buy a bottle of wine and flowers with the money — admittedly a perfect way to calm the stormy weathers of any argument. 



A disagreement with a wife, husband, or life partner can be extremely painful. However, once they pass away, we may even find ourselves missing those silly fights.

One widower Rich Baer found himself in this position, and like Kathy and Brandon, a box heavily impacted his life, but it was a pizza box in his case. 

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Entering Albert's Pizza, Baer had been severely depressed since the passing of his wife, leading him to suicidal thoughts. As a way to bring a little light into his worldthe staff presented him with a free pizza from an anonymous patron. 

On the inside of the box were the words "Stay Strong." The widower burst into tears, explaining that those were the words his late wife would repeatedly say to him in her last month before dying. 

Baer claims this gesture saved his life, showing that even a small act, something as seemingly pointless as a box, can make a genuine difference in the lives of others.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at befrienders.org.


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