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Grieving Widow Finds Dozens of Letters from Late Husband: 'If This Is Being Read, I Have Passed'

Dayna Remus
Jan 26, 2022
04:20 P.M.

Using nothing but a pen, one man managed to bring his loved ones comfort and solace for years to come, even if he wasn't there to read the words aloud.


Mitchell Raleigh Whisenhunt was born on October 27, 1987. The passionate writer from Longview, Texas, said his nuptials while gazing into the eyes of his beloved Ashley Whisenhunt on July 10, 2010.

The two welcomed their daughter Brynleigh in April 2013, who sadly lost her daddy at only one year old on October 18, 2014.

Mitchell Raleigh Whisenhunt with his daughter Brynleigh [left]; One of Mitchell Raleigh Whisenhunt’s letters [center]; Mitchell Raleigh Whisenhunt with his wife Ashley Whisenhunt [right]. | Source: twitter.com/KLTV7 twitter.com/WAFB twitter.com/SOCONNORNEWS

Mitchell Raleigh Whisenhunt with his daughter Brynleigh [left]; One of Mitchell Raleigh Whisenhunt’s letters [center]; Mitchell Raleigh Whisenhunt with his wife Ashley Whisenhunt [right]. | Source: twitter.com/KLTV7 twitter.com/WAFB twitter.com/SOCONNORNEWS


The 26-year-old passed away due to a rare genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome, leaving behind grieving family and friends. His widow expressed:

"He is all I ever had.”

While her late husband's body was physically gone, he had poured his soul into dozens of letters left behind for those he loved dearly.



Ashley found these letters not long after he had passed. Diving into the vast world of afterlife messages, one almost-eerily stated:

"If this is being read, I have passed.”

The late father addressed his letters to many people, including his wife and the broader community and family.



A particular emphasis was placed on his daughter, who received numerous letters for special milestones until she turned 18 years old.

The child's mom said that she would honor the requests of her late spouse, only giving Brynleigh the letters on the occasions that Mitchell outlined.



If that wasn't enough, he planned his funeral in advance, asking all attendees to don a Ninja Turtle item and writing in one of the letters:

"In this grieving period for my wife, the last thing I want her to worry about is the coming cost of my funeral."

More than that, Mitchell wrote some mysterious letters. Ashley claimed the funeral director said they would only be revealed according to the deceased's secret wishes.



Seven years later, in 2021, with Mitchell remaining in her heart forever, the widow shared a Facebook post in his honor. It stated:

“I can’t believe today we would have been married for 11 years! 10/27/1987 to 10/18/2014. I still miss you and love you always!”

The mother included pictures of their wedding day, a funeral card, and an urn of his ashes. Comments came flowing in, with many individuals sending love to Ashley.



Speaking about his beautifully written gestures, Ashley said it completely blew her mind how selfless he was to do such a thing. She expressed:

"He thought about everybody else instead of himself."

For many of us, the looming reality of death is a terrifying prospect. Nevertheless, no matter how fearful we are, like Mitchell, we can embrace and use it to leave a legacy for those we love.



Mother and wife Jacqueline Zinn or "Jacquie" also had this transformative ability to turn her demise into a grace-filled wonder.

Before she passed away from brain cancer, and similar to Mitchell, Jacquie left letters for those she loved — specifically her children. They were only to open them on special milestones.

One of her children, Jerry, would only be receiving one letter when he graduated college — a factor he said motivated him to succeed.

This mom and Mitchell walked into their passing with an elegance that many of us aspire to, making sure to live on through their powerful words.

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