Woman Insults Two Black Girls, Not Knowing Their Mother Was Right Next to Her

Brittany Chalmers
Jan 27, 2022
01:00 A.M.
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While her daughter was playing at the park, a woman said something hateful about two young girls—she did not realize their mother was next to her. 


When Nikki Van Winkle and her family moved to Indiana, she was excited at the prospect of a new home and adventure. However, her fiancé passed away a few months after moving, and their lives changed forever.

Van Winkle struggled to make ends meet, but she did her best to support her children. It wasn't easy, but they made the most of their surroundings. A trip to a nearby park led to an unexpected encounter that left Van Winkle enraged. 

A mother and her two bi-racial daughters [left] Two girls play on swings in the park [right] | Photo:



The mother watched her kids on the playground as they enjoyed themselves along with another child. When the child approached her kids, she was happy to see them making friends. 

Van Winkle's kids were bi-racial, and the other child was white. After some time, the child's mother pulled her daughter away from the other children. However, the little girl soon returned to Van Winkle's kids. 



The mother was visibly upset this time, and Van Winkle heard her as she said: "I don't want you playing with those [black] kids!" Van Winkle was livid because of the woman's behavior and inappropriate remarks.

She approached the woman, who quickly asked her to "hold on" because she had to stop her child from playing with "those kids." Van Winkle replied:

"What you mean, those black girls over there?"



The woman was surprised, and Van Winkle decided to inform her that "those kids" were her daughters. This caught the woman off guard, and she tried to make excuses. 

Van Winkle said:

"You should be ashamed of yourself coming to a park and interfering with innocent children on the playground. I’m not having it."



The woman eventually apologized and allowed the children to play together for an hour before leaving the park. Van Winkle was heartbroken because her kids were exposed to racial insults.

Her story touched many, and she hoped it would raise awareness and encourage people to look beyond racial differences in the future. 



Van Winkle was not the only mother that had to endure racial insults while at a park. In Pennsylvania, a black couple was accused of kidnapping. Jennifer McDuffie-Moore and Harry Moore adopted twins Brayden and Trevor.

The young boys were white, and they adored their blended family. Sadly, when they visited a park last year, a white woman was suspicious of McDuffie-Moore and threatened to call the police. 

Per McDuffie-Moore, the woman thought she was stealing the children. However, one of the twins said: "No, that's my mom!" The Moore parents are tired of justifying themselves for the sake of judgmental people. 

They hope that the world will learn to be more tolerant. The Moores and Van Winkle shared their stories to encourage others to show more acceptance and kindness.

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