Influential man runs into homeless family with kids stranded on the street | TikTok/isaiahgarza
Source: Influential man runs into homeless family with kids stranded on the street | TikTok/isaiahgarza

Family with Children Loses Everything, Later Gets Apartment and $20,000 from Stranger

Rita Kumar
Feb 02, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A man notices a family with kids holding a “Homeless Need Help” sign on a street corner and, without further thought, approaches them with a little surprise. 


When a man noticed a family with kids stranded on the street corner, something about them urged him to call them and investigate. What he did next became one of the most talked viral and tear-jerking videos on social media.

Isaiah Garza has a beloved fanbase of over 7 million followers on TikTok. The Los Angeles-dwelling recording artist and philanthropist is known for his humanitarian deeds. 

However, one such act of kindness stood out after he ran into a homeless family on the street corner holding the sign: Homeless Need Help.

Man meets homeless family with kids stranded on the street | Source: TikTok/isaiahgarza


Filming the viral footage on TikTok, Garza reached out to the family of five — a couple and their three kids, and asked if they were homeless at the moment.

The man recounted being kicked out of their shelter while his wife said it had been tough being homeless. Amidst the little conversation, the kids jumped about, seemingly innocent of their oppressed condition.

The influential TikToker then asked the family what he could do to put a smile on their faces. What he heard next from the family man melted his heart. 

The family held a sign seeking help from onlookers | Source: TikTok/isaiahgarza


“A roof for the kids…something for the kids to sleep in?” the man replied while throwing his helpless sun-kissed look on the stranger.

Garza then told the family that he’d pay for their stay in a hotel for five nights. The family was overwhelmed, but the kind stranger’s gesture didn’t end there.

Without wasting a second more, the TikToker made another confession, and this time, the family was even more thrilled.

Up next, Garza bought the kids’ favorite treat and went all the way to their hotel room. The kids ran and hugged him when he said “Pizza time!” Meanwhile, the couple sat down for a bit of confession.


The father said he needed a roof for his kids | Source: TikTok/isaiahgarza

They thanked the TikToker and said they had no idea where they would be sleeping that night if it weren’t for his help. 


Garza amassed massive popularity on TikTok, with people flooding the comments section with love and support for the family.

“Didn’t even ask for a room for them, but the kids,” commented user Mayo

Meanwhile, some users wondered what would happen to the family next, considering they were booked in the hotel for just five nights.

Garza arranged for the family to stay in a hotel for five nights | Source: TikTok/isaiahgarza


“But then? What will happen to them? Could you help them then find a job and a home?” user Stefania – Mindset Growth commented, adding a broken heart emoji.

Garza later met the family again and informed them that the last video they did together raised over $42K. 

He then spilled the beans on a bit of surprise for the family that never looked so excited before. The family freaked out when the mom of three slipped her hand into a white and pink striped paper bag and pulled out something.

The couple is taken to an apartment | Source: TikTok/isaiahgarza


“Look, it’s a key,” she said gleefully while flaunting it to her kids. Without wasting a second more, the Garza made another confession, and this time, the family was even more thrilled.

“I got you guys an apartment,” he said while the family stood frozen with excitement. The man decided to surprise them a little more and took the family to their new apartment with the couple blindfolded. 

When the husband and wife removed their blindfolds, they took a tour of their new home. “Words can’t even describe…this is amazing,” the wife stated as she started to cry in joy. 


Garza met the family yet another time and revealed “LOL Surprise,” giving them $20K worth of gifts.

“I hope this changes your family’s life,” the TikToker said and asked the family how they felt about the whole thing. 

The father told him it brought him a lot of relief as he pushed away his tears. The kind man then revealed a little surprise for the kids behind his car.

The kids were surprised with more presents | Source: TikTok/isaiahgarza


He gave away a lot of presents to the children and couldn’t resist witnessing how cheerful they were while unwrapping the gifts from LOL. 

After the next set of their videos went viral, some people debated the woman’s reaction to the TikToker’s surprises, and some felt she didn’t react enough.

“They’re probably dealing with depression…I know that feeling. I’m currently hitting hard times, and I used to be a really happy person…It takes time to heal from pain,” wrote user sig8majesticaf.

The couple had an emotional breakdown | Source: TikTok/isaiahgarza


Meanwhile, some sided with the mom and said she was probably struggling to cry and kept calm for her kids.

“She also was probably conscious of the fact that she was being filmed. She may not have wanted to show her true reaction to the camera,” stated user Lily Bloss

In the end, the TikToker took home another memorable, influential journey by giving the helpless family a roof over their heads plus tons of love and many surprises!


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think homeless people deserve more than just a roof over their heads?

The TikToker had decided to help the homeless family and eventually came up with more heartwarming ways to make them feel at home again. Not only did he raise money for them, but he also bought them an apartment so that they don’t remain homeless, showing the world that the needy and homeless deserve love, support, and not just a roof over their heads. If you happen to chance upon the needy, how differently would you help them?

Do you think the woman did not want to express herself on camera?


After the TikTok videos went viral, some people wondered about the woman’s reaction. They felt she didn’t react much, but a few others sided with her, saying she probably remained calm for her kids and would’ve preferred to respond moderately because she was filmed. Do you think she refrained from expressing herself on camera due to some other untold reason?

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