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Kid on Bike Rams into Truck – Owner Refuses to Pay for Medical Bills, Later Checks Camera Footage

Salwa Nadeem
Jan 30, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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When a couple moved into their new house, they noticed their neighbors had been behaving strangely. The couple had to warn them repeatedly not to let their children play in their driveway. 


The couple had noticed the children playing in their driveway when they came to see the house for the first time. However, they never took it too seriously, thinking they might stop playing after they had moved in.

OP (Original Poster) wrote a Reddit post describing what happened in their driveway lately, sharing every detail starting from when they moved into their new house. 

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The Redditor with the username tapurplepudding shared that they had bought their new house last year. When they noticed children playing in the driveway and coloring the sidewalk with chalk, they politely asked where they lived. OP explained:

"My SO and myself went to the house the kids pointed out and introduced ourselves to the parents"

They informed the parents that they would soon move into the house next door. Since trucks would be moving in the driveway soon, they told the parents that letting their children play there wouldn't be safe. 

The couple moved into their new house | Source: Pexels


When the couple moved in, it seemed like their next-door neighbors had asked their children not to play in their driveway because they hadn't seen them play there anymore.

Five minutes after OP went back into the garage, a child screamed.

However, OP did notice the children had left their toys in the driveway. They were also digging in the side yard, so the couple decided to go to their neighbor's place and talk about it. 

OP saw the children digging in the side yard | Source: Pexels


The couple knocked on their neighbors' door and politely asked the lady to tell her children not to dig in their yard. The woman laughed and told the couple that the previous owners (Mr. and Mrs. X) always allowed the children to dig up fossils. OP (Original Poster) explained:

"We said that we were not Mr. and Mrs. X and that we did not want the kids digging or playing in our yard."

A few days later, OP noticed that the children had started riding their bikes in the driveway again. The security camera footage revealed they were riding bikes and drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. 

OP saw the children riding their bikes in the driveway again | Source: Pexels


Once again, OP and SO (Significant Other) told their neighbors they didn't want the children to ride bikes and draw with chalk in their driveway. The woman's response was the same, so the couple told her again they were not the previous owners. OP recounted their next step:

"We also followed this up with a letter to the neighbors and informed that the kids were not allowed to play, dig or draw on our property and sent it certified mail."

One day, OP was working in the garage while SO was inside the house. Their truck was parked in the driveway so OP could work in the garage comfortably. 

OP was working in the garage | Source: Pexels


Twenty minutes later, OP heard the children laughing and saw them riding their bikes in the driveway again, so OP politely asked them to leave because the truck was parked there.

Five minutes after OP went back into the garage, a child screamed. OP rushed to the driveway and discovered one of the children had run his bike into the truck. The Redditor explained what happened next:

"The neighbor came out screaming at me, accusing me of causing this. The other kid told her that wasn't true and that Kid rode right into the car."

The child was crying after getting himself hurt | Source: Pexels


OP's SO heard the yelling and rushed outside to see what was happening. That's when the neighbor told the couple that they would regret this.

The next day, the child's father came to OP's house, asking the couple to pay for his child's medical bill. OP refused to pay the bills, saying they weren't responsible for the accident. 

A day after the incident, OP wondered if they had done the right thing by refusing to pay the bill. The Redditor immediately wrote a post to seek advice from other users. 

OP posted the story on Reddit | Source: Pexels


No-Policy-4095 suspected OP's neighbor would take the case to the courtroom, so she asked OP to save the security camera footage, get hold of the receipt for the certified letter, and save any record of communication with the neighbor. That_Contribution720 added:

"Report them to the police for trespassing, and send them a cease and desist letter."

The Redditor also advised OP not to pay for the child's medical bill. Instead, he suggested OP charge them for any damage they caused to the truck. 

A Redditor asked OP to save the security camera footage | Source: Pexels


MrPureinstinct shared that he noticed his neighbors dump leaves and other waste on his property. When he called the police, they told him they couldn't do anything unless they caught the neighbors dumping waste. He explained:

"They refused to look at the security cameras they advised me to buy."

Some Redditors also suggested OP hire a lawyer to handle the case because they had already told their neighbors about the consequences of letting their children play in the driveway. Most users believed the couple wasn't at fault. 

Some Redditors asked OP to hire a lawyer | Source: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the neighbor was at fault because she was not concerned about her children's safety?

OP told the woman to ask her kids not to play and ride in the driveway, but she didn't take it seriously. She laughed it off and later accused OP of hurting her children. Do you think her child got injured because of her negligence? 

Do you think the couple should file a police complaint against their neighbors?

Since the couple had strong evidence suggesting they attempted to stop the children from playing in the driveway, most Redditors suggested taking the legal route. Do you think they should press charges against their neighbors?

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