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Man Kicks Friend out of Car after Hearing Him Making Lewd Comments to Women

Salwa Nadeem
Jan 24, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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A man kicked his friend out of his car while on the way to drop him back home. He wrote a Reddit post sharing what made him take such a brutal step. 


At first, his friend thought he was joking when he told him to step out of the car. However, after a few minutes, the man realized he was serious. 

Other friends were also sitting in the car, and they told the man that he had done the wrong thing by asking his friend to get down. The man shared his story on Reddit, asking other people if he was wrong. 

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The Redditor was on his way back from the gym with his friends. He had planned to drop them home when something made him change his mind. 

As they drove past two girls walking on the street, OP's (Original Poster's) friend rolled down his window and passed lewd comments. He said:

"How about you give the boys a flash"

OP's friend passed lewd comments to girls walking on the street | Source: Unsplash


OP felt angry after hearing those words, so he immediately pulled the brakes and asked his friend to get out. At first, his friend thought he was joking. It took him a few seconds to realize he was serious. 

Feeling guilty after seeing his friends' reaction, OP wrote a Reddit post asking other people if he was at fault.

His friend started arguing, saying he was just joking. The other boys in the car also took his side and believed OP overreacted. 

He pulled the brakes and asked his friend to get out | Source: Unsplash


However, OP made it clear that he was serious about it. He asked his friend to get out of the car, or else he would have to pull him out himself. He explained:

"He lived the furthest but I made him walk the rest of the way."

OP dropped his other friends home but they were still mad at him for kicking their friend out of the car. After reaching home, OP called his friend to make sure he had arrived home safely. 

He called his friend to make sure he reached home safely | Source: Unsplash


His friend apologized to him over the phone but was still angry because OP made him walk home. OP warned him not to repeat the same thing around him again. 

Feeling guilty after seeing his friends' reaction, OP wrote a Reddit post asking other people if he was at fault. Beatlebot88 assured OP he did the right thing by teaching his friend a lesson. She wrote:

"The only way to change entitled men who think they can comment on women they pass is by showing them it's wrong."

Other users praised OP | Source: Unsplash


Another Redditor named DutyValuable also believed OP did the right thing because comments like those weren't funny, and neither do women like being catcalled. The user thanked OP for kicking his friend out. 

Neurotic_Bakeder felt there should be a law stating that people who harass women on the streets should be parked long enough to throw something inside their car. 

Another Redditor replied that if one of his passengers did something like that, he would ask them to step out and explain why they passed comments to the women. 

Another user shared if his passenger did something similar, he would ask him to apologize | Source: Unsplash


A girl with the username 217liz disagreed, saying that if someone catcalled her, she wouldn't want the person to approach her again in any way. She explained:

"Don't lead a defensive and unhappy [expletive] closer to the women he has already harassed."

CanadaOrBust agreed that girls don't want their harasser to come near them since they are already traumatized. "It's not cool to make the education of the victimizer their job," she explained.

Most users praised OP for teaching his friend a lesson and asking him not to comment on other women when he is around. 


Women shared how they would feel if their harasser approached them | Source: Unsplash

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP's reaction was justified?


Most people on Reddit agreed OP did the right thing. However, his friends believed his reaction wasn't justified. They thought he went overboard by asking his friend to get out of his car. What do you think?

Would you make your friend apologize to those women if you were OP?

Some people in the comments section believed that men should apologize to the women they harras on the streets. Do you think OP should have asked his friend to apologize to those women? Or do you believe what he did was enough?

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