Girl boards wrong bus to unfamiliar destination, then realizes she's alone with the driver | Shutterstock
Source: Girl boards wrong bus to unfamiliar destination, then realizes she's alone with the driver | Shutterstock

Young Girl Takes Wrong Bus to Unfamiliar Destination, Realizes She's Alone with the Driver

Rita Kumar
Feb 01, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A girl boards the wrong bus and freaks out after realizing it’s headed towards an unfamiliar destination while she’s the only one on board with the driver.


Posting to Reddit’s renowned “LetsNotMeet” sub where users narrate stories of people they never want to meet again, a woman shared a frightful incident involving a bus driver.

The man in question wasn’t a school bus driver but rather a city bus driver. The woman with the username ElenaG99 on Reddit claimed she never wanted to meet the alleged driver again after what happened that fateful, rather “frightful” day after she took the wrong bus to the wrong destination.

Lonely girl boards the wrong bus to an unfamiliar destination | Photo: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) was 16 at the time, and she often traveled to a different part of her town for math lessons. She’d then take a 15-minute bus ride home as walking to her apartment would take around an hour.

Having taken the bus quite a few times before, OP was pretty sure which bus she’d have to board. She’d often take bus 14, but on that fateful day, she’d missed it and decided to take bus 14B instead.

The alleged bus usually took a detour, covering the city’s outskirts, and she had no idea about it. Upon entering, she looked at the driver to ask him where the bus was headed to, but since the guy seemed in a hurry, he vaguely signaled her to get in and stop questioning.


OP took the wrong bus without double-checking its destination | Photo: Unsplash

Though OP could’ve easily hopped off since nobody was behind her, she boarded the bus as she was in a bit of a hurry to reach home. She quietly made it to the middle and sat there then noticed that the bus didn’t turn towards the city center.


The driver halted the bus and asked the girl to sit right behind him.

Fear started to kick in as the bus advanced towards the hills, which she never knew existed. With each station, the bus was slowly getting empty.

The girl noticed the bus was getting empty | Photo: Unsplash


OP listened to music and vaguely noticed the driver occasionally staring at her in the mirror. She recalled making eye contact with him that way a few times.

She started to panic as they were in an unfamiliar place and it had a strange aura. As the bus reached the hilltop, OP could see her town and felt weird. 

However, her worst fear kicked in when the last passenger got off the bus. Moments later, the driver, who appeared to be between his 40s and 50s, eerily turned towards her, inquiring where she was going.

The bus headed towards an unfamiliar destination uphill | Photo: Unsplash


OP told him that she intended to get off the first stop in her town. The man grinned, and she thought he looked wicked while doing it.

The driver halted the bus and asked the girl to sit right behind him. OP hesitated, but he insisted she move from her seat. After much hesitation, she did what she was told. 

Meanwhile, a few passengers boarded the bus, and for the most part, OP ignored whatever the guy was telling her. However, she only remembered him promising her that “someone would be waiting for her” at her destined stop.

The driver told the girl to sit behind him | Photo: Unsplash


At that point, OP told him that she still could exit on a different station. But to her dismay, the driver said that he’d “rather leave her on that one.”

After arriving at her station, OP sprinted out of the bus and refused to look back at the driver. She later recounted the story to her best friend, who advised her not to board that bus again as the driver was a bit creepy. 

When OP posted about her frightful experience on social media, some curious readers felt what she went through was indeed the creepiest.

The girl bolted from the bus after the driver stopped at her station | Photo: Pexels


“[Expletive] that is creepy. I’m glad that you got out of that situation,” Redditor memequeen511 wrote. Meanwhile, some wished OP never to meet the alleged driver again. User Megitsune1988 suggested likewise, stating:

“Wow, that’s so creepy, and I really hope you will never see him again…the only thing that happened to me was that a bus driver flirted with me.”

Though OP never gave any further updates if she met him after that, she concluded her post saying that she never wanted to run into the creepy driver again.

OP wished to never meet the driver again | Photo: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP could’ve double-checked the bus’s destination before boarding it?

OP stated she boarded bus 14B after missing the regular bus 14. Though the commenters sighed relief she reached home safely after that, it still begs the question of why she didn’t double-check the bus’s route before boarding it. Do you think it is advisable to get into a bus despite knowing it’s going to detour before halting at the intended destination?

How would you handle a driver asking you to switch seats while nobody else is on the bus?

OP said she hesitated to move from her seat but still sat behind the driver after he told her to do so. Though it’s unclear if she listened to him out of fear or trusted him blindly, was it okay to sit behind him that way, considering she was alone at the time? Should this happen to you, how would you tackle the situation?


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