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No One 'Crazy Enough' to Take 6 Siblings until 2 Single Sisters Adopt Them to Raise Together

Ayesha Muhammad
Jan 31, 2022
01:00 P.M.
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Two sisters had grown up as best friends and enjoyed doing everything together. They shared a house and the dream to become mothers, which they realized together six years ago on National Adoption Day.


Just because a family isn't conventional doesn't mean they're not fit to be parents. Some people are meant to embrace parenthood because parental sentiments come naturally regardless of their life choices.

A heart filled with love and care for children has nothing to do with being in a relationship or marriage. It may sound bizarre, but two single sisters broke stereotypes by showing the world the true power of love.

Tracy and Sherrie Smith [Left]. The six siblings the Smith sisters adopted [Right]. | Photo: facebook.com/tracy.smith.96199



Tracy and Sherrie Smith lived in a Benbrook House located southwest of Forth Worth in North Central Texas. The two sisters were practically inseparable because they had grown up loving and cherishing each other. Tracy told WFAA:

"I'm blessed with a lot of really good siblings but Sherrie is my best friend."

They were best friends who had always done everything together. The sister duo enjoyed each other's company so much that they decided to stick together, even as adults.



Tracy had been there for Sherrie through life's highs and lows, including health complications. When Sherrie suffered seizures and a coma at 20, Tracy helped her pull through. 

The Smith sisters stated that they'd probably go for houses built side by side if a man entered their lives. 

The Smith sisters came from a family where three of their siblings were adopted. So as adults, they knew they wanted to do the same for others. Tracy mentioned her desire to be a mother, while Sherrie was initially unsure whether she wanted the same.



Soon enough, the two sisters started their journey as foster parents and took in four brothers and sisters — Aaron, Bayla, and twins Emma and Olivia. But after some time, Tracy discovered that there were six siblings. She also shared:

"And they said but nobody will take six. Nobody's crazy enough for that."

It turned out Tracy and Sherrie weren't just crazy enough; they were also desperate to become mothers. Without hesitation, they also welcomed the other two siblings, Franco and Jake. 



The six siblings came from an unstable family. Their birth mom was drug-addicted, while their biological father was in prison. Since Texas already had 14,000 children in foster care, Tarrant County allowed the two sisters to become joint parents.

On National Adoption Day, November 18, 2016, the two thirty-something sisters became mothers to six siblings in an emotional adoption ceremony. The adoption was finalized at the Tarrant County Family Law Center downtown Forth Worth.

The Smith sisters were among the 45 families who collectively welcomed 70 children. However, Tracy and Sherrie were the only ones to adopt six kids at once, who love calling them "mommies."



Motherhood came with its fair share of struggles, but Tracy and Sherrie were glad to welcome the six siblings. The Smith sisters stated that they'd probably go for houses built side by side if a man entered their lives. Tracy also expressed:

"I can't tell you how many times Sherrie and I will get a hug from one of them and say, you know what, this right here, this is what we did it for.”

Tracy and Sherrie's parenthood equation might seem unusual, but they have hearts of gold that beat for their adoptive children. If this sister duo's incredible story moved you, don't forget to share it with your family and friends.


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