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Lonely Puppy Was Found in a Parking Lot & Hugged His Rescuer While Locating Owner

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 06, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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Animal control spotted a golden retriever in a Walmart parking lot. They immediately rescued him and took him to the shelter while locating the owners. 


They contacted the owners assuming they had lost their pet dog but discovered something else through the phone call. The team also found two other dogs in the parking lot. 

The animal shelter posted photos of the golden retriever, Clarence, and penned down his heart-wrenching story in a Facebook post. 

Source: facebook.com/cat.suzuki Shutterstock.com


The sad story of Clarence surfaced on Facebook in December 2021 after the animal control team saw him wandering cluelessly with two other dogs in a Walmart parking lot. The poster explained:

"This dog was treated like a lawn ornament and then thrown away when they no longer had any use for him."

The golden retriever mix was almost four years old and loved hugging his human friends. When animal control found him, they immediately looked for his owners and called them. 

Clarence was found in a Walmart parking lot | Source: Facebook/Cat Suzuki


It turned out that the owners already knew their dog was wandering in the Walmart parking lot. So the animal control center asked them to pick him up from their facility as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Cat Suzuki wrote a post addressing Clarence's previous owners.

The owners were given a deadline, but they didn't show up for Clarence that day. So it was decided that Clarence would be euthanized. 

The family didn't come to pick up Clarence | Source: Facebook/Cat Suzuki


Fortunately, Hounds in Pounds intervened and saved Clarence. The organization works towards saving "adoptable dogs" from dying. They rescue dogs and help them find a new home. 

Clarence hugged his rescuer and went with them to the shelter. The non-profit organization tried its best to find a permanent home for him. 

"Clarence is heading north next weekend and can't wait to meet potential families," wrote Cat Suzuki, the founder of Hounds in Pounds. "We can't help but get lost in Clarence's golden coat; it reminds us of sunshine, and so does his personality," she added

Hounds in Pounds rescued Clarence | Source: Facebook/Cat Suzuki


The organization put Clarence up for adoption and waited for a kind family to adopt him. Meanwhile, Cat Suzuki wrote a post addressing Clarence's previous owners, asking them not to get another pet: 

"Your damn dog was crying and begging for life at the shelter, terrified and lonely, and you did NOTHING."

The Facebook posts about Clarence made many people feel sad for him. "Gee, I would take him in a heartbeat, but because of health issues, I could not give him the care he needs," commented a woman. 

Clarence went to meet multiple potential families | Source: Facebook/Cat Suzuki


"Thank you for being the Earth angel that we know Clarence clearly needed to rescue him from a very sad life," wrote another woman after reading the Facebook post. 

After meeting many potential families, Clarence finally found a permanent home. On January 16, 2022, Cat Suzuki posted a photo of the dog standing with his new family. She wrote:

"Happy life Clarence!"

Clarence with his new family | Source: Facebook/Cat Suzuki

Most people who read the post were happy for Clarence. They believed he deserved a good home and wished the family who adopted him all the best. 

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