Retired Police Dog 'Cries' When She Meets with Handler She Hasn't Seen for Years

Salwa Nadeem
Jan 30, 2022
11:00 P.M.
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An emotional video surfaced on the Chinese version of TikTok, Douyin, where millions of people witnessed a retired German shepherd reuniting with her handler.


The dog, Wangwang, hadn't met her handler for years but still recognized him from afar. People were shocked to see how the doggo reacted when they reunited. 

The heartwarming video not only went viral in China, but people from other countries also viewed it. Many international media outlets likewise talked about the uplifting video.

Source: / 巴万巴顿


Wangwang worked as a sniffer dog for the police in Xichuan county of the Henan province, Central China. After her retirement in June 2019, a kind family adopted her.

However, finding a new home wasn't great news for Wangwang. It meant she had to be separated from her beloved handler, who had spent a lot of time with her. 

In the viral TikTok video posted in 2020, the viewers witnessed how the handler surprised Wangwang by visiting her. He was patrolling near her new house, so he met with her. 

The handler surprised Wangwang | Source: / 巴万巴顿


As soon as the police officer called her name, she darted out of the door towards him. The people around them were shocked to see how quickly she recognized him. She rubbed her face on his legs while he caressed her.

Another viewer confessed watching the reunion made them "burst into tears."

The heartwarming reunion went viral on TikTok, as more than 60 million people watched the adorable dog cry after meeting her handler. 

Wangwang was happy to see his handler | Source: / 巴万巴顿


The handler shook her hand when it was time to go, but it seemed like Wangwang was not ready to say goodbye to her beloved friend. She followed him and sat beside him when he walked towards his vehicle. Another Douyin user commented:

"The dog misses you too, you should visit him often. It hurts to see it cry."

"Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings and stay by our side," wrote another viewer. The video made the viewers' hearts melt, and many of them posted crying emojis under the viral video. 

Wangwang was crying | Source: / 巴万巴顿


Another viewer confessed watching the reunion made them "burst into tears." The viewer believed Wangwang also missed her handler after her retirement. 

Some users also missed their deceased dogs after watching the emotional video. Meanwhile, other viewers wondered why the police officer didn't visit Wangwang more often. 

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