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Old Lady Promises Husband to Join Him at Nursing Home – He Died Knowing She Wasn't Going to Come

Salwa Nadeem
Feb 04, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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An old lady promises her husband to join him at the nursing home but never makes it there. He dies waiting for her while she has other things in mind. 


The woman's granddaughter wrote a Reddit post claiming she knew something about her grandmother that changed how she felt about her.

She shared that she loved her grandfather dearly, and knowing that he died waiting for his wife broke her heart. The Reddit post revealed a shocking aspect of her grandmother's past. 

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Before jumping into the main story, the woman 


that her grandfather passed away in 2016 after spending the last two years of his life in a nursing home. 

She confessed that she missed her beloved grandfather every day, and looking after her 92-year-old grandmother often reminded her of him. She wrote:

"I am one of the primary carers for my 92 year old Grandma, a role I took on voluntarily because I love her and genuinely care for her."

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OP (Original Poster) did not live with her grandmother permanently but visited her multiple times a week to clean the house, buy groceries, and cater to her needs. 

While sorting her grandmother's documents with her mother, OP came across a shocking truth.

OP's parents allowed her grandmother to live with them for half of the week, and the rest of the days, she lived with OP's sister and her family. Everyone in the family tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible. 

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However, OP also confessed that her grandmother should have been in a nursing home at this point because of the multiple health complications she had. OP explained:

"The only reason she is not in a nursing home is because of her sheer stubbornness, and her refusal to sell her house, which is still in her name."

She explained that selling the house was crucial because the nursing home would charge her more if she kept it, and the family couldn't cover the expenses. 

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While sorting her grandmother's documents with her mother, OP came across a shocking truth. They were discussing her grandmother's situation when her mother said:

"None of this never would've happened if she hadn't have lied 6 years ago."

Shocked, she asked her mother about the details. At first, her mother refused, saying she never planned on telling her and her sister about it, but later opened up after OP insisted multiple times. 

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Her mother explained that a meeting was called after her grandfather's second stroke to discuss his situation. The doctors, nurses, and professional workers agreed that he needed to be shifted to a nursing home. She recalled:

"In that same meeting, they all agreed, including my Grandmother, that she would go into the nursing home with him."

Everyone agreed that OP's grandmother should be in the nursing care to accompany her husband and also because of her deteriorating health. 

Her grandfather's doctor agreed he should be in a nursing home | Source: Pexels


OP's grandmother agreed to move into the nursing home but promised her husband she would join him there in a few months after their house was ready for sale. OP's grandfather only agreed to stay in the nursing home, knowing his wife would join him soon.

However, OP's grandmother had other things in mind. On the way back home, she told OP's mother that she wouldn't join her husband in the nursing home. She had made a fake promise to him. OP shared what happened while her grandfather was at the nursing home during the last two years of his life:

"My grandmother would tell him she couldn't wait to join him and that she would soon, whilst knowing the entire time that she had no intention of doing so."


OP's grandmother knew she wouldn't join her husband in the nursing home | Source: Pexels

After hearing her mother's words, OP confessed that she had started looking at her grandmother differently. She felt heartbroken, thinking her grandfather died alone, waiting for his wife to join him. 


She poured her heart out in a Reddit post, asking other users how to move on. She confessed she didn't want to hate her grandmother because she loved her dearly. Advanced_Lobster replied:

"For some reason, many elderly people dread nursing homes and are willing to do everything to avoid going there, even though they are harming their own families."

OP had started feeling differently about her grandmother | Source: Pexels


OP read the comment and replied that she understood her grandmother's hesitations, but she knew that her grandfather wasn't suffering in the nursing home. 

Meanwhile, someone_you_kno replied that she lost her grandfather to cancer when she was 14 and believed he was one of the best people she had ever met. 

OP read the comments and replied to them | Source: Unsplash


However, after his death, her parents started talking about how he was cruel to her father and used to steal money from them. The Redditor advised OP to treat her grandmother like she did before, asking her not to judge her for her past mistakes. She added:

"You don’t get to keep her in your life forever and a decision she made 6 years ago was her choice."

Most readers shared similar experiences in the comments section. In contrast, others believed OP's grandmother did the wrong thing. 

A Redditor suggested for OP to forget her grandmother's mistakes | Source: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP's grandmother was at fault?

Some Redditors thought OP's grandmother was at fault for lying to her husband. However, other people believed OP shouldn't let her grandmother's mistake dictate her feelings towards her. They asked her to move on and forget what her grandmother had done. 

Do you think OP should ask her grandmother why she lied to her grandfather?

OP confessed she didn't want to hate her grandmother, so some Redditors suggested she speak to her grandmother to clear her doubts. However, it's also possible that her grandmother would take the confrontation negatively and refuse to answer her question. What do you think?

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