Wife checks husband's phone & sees a message: "And the bed feels so cold right now" | Shutterstock
Source: Wife checks husband's phone & sees a message: "And the bed feels so cold right now" | Shutterstock

Woman Takes Husband's Phone and Sees a Message: 'And the Bed Feels So Cold Right Now'

Rita Kumar
Feb 05, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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A woman sees a strange text — “…And the bed feels so cold right now”— from an unknown sender on her husband’s phone and brings it up to him. 


A wife starts having trust issues out of the blue after accidentally reading a “cheesy & private” message on her husband’s phone.

The anonymous wife with the username ThrowRAunknowntxt3 shared her plight on Reddit recently, which has since gone viral with over 1.8K upvotes and several predictions on the husband’s “secret affair.”

Woman checks husband's phone & sees a message: "And the bed feels so cold right now" | Photo: Shutterstock


The Original Poster (OP) stated she was feeling conflicted and unable to shake off the odd feeling regarding the message. In the end, she thought Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” sub would help her sort out the dilemma.

But before getting any further about the issue, OP first gave readers a little synopsis, starting with her husband’s return from work on a certain Monday.

OP’s husband got home at 4 pm that day, and after lunch, took a nap for about an hour. He left his phone connected for charging on top of their living room coffee table and asked his wife to unplug it once the battery was full.

OP's husband left his phone for charging in the living room | Photo: Unsplash


Moments later, OP unplugged her husband's phone but accidentally saw a text message that read: “…and the bed feels so cold right now.”

Some advised OP to listen to her gut and described her husband’s behavior as “highly suspicious.”

OP was puzzled. The text appeared like part of a more complete “mysterious” message. Smitten with curiosity, she tapped on it to read it thoroughly. She was surprised to see that no previous messages were received from or sent to the unknown number. 

OP read a random text on her husband's phone & tapped it open to check out further | Photo: Pexels


OP revealed she had full access to her husband’s phone with his consent and even knew he deleted his inbox and sent items to save storage space. But something about this strange message made her skeptical.

OP tried taking a screenshot and sending it to her phone to take a detailed look, but her husband suddenly showed up from behind.

Just as she tried taking a screenshot of the text, OP's husband suddenly showed up from behind | Photo: Unsplash


He asked her if everything was okay after seeing the confused look on her face. OP gave him the phone, putting a word about the message she’d read moments ago.

The husband stared at his phone screen for a second and made a face saying someone could’ve sent it by mistake.

OP tried reading his expressions and felt he sounded pretty casual about the whole thing. She went to the kitchen to do some work but moments later spotted her husband talking to someone on the porch.

OP noticed her husband talking to someone on the phone | Photo: Pexels


Restless and anxious, she immediately asked her husband who he was talking to when he returned. He told her he was planning his weekend with his friend “Joey.” 

For some strange reason, OP felt her husband was hiding something from her, particularly the person who sent him the text.

Although she didn’t talk to him about it again, she discussed the issue with her friend, who agreed that “something was off” and that she needed to dig deeper.

She asked her husband who he was talking to over the phone | Photo: Pexels


A few days later, OP asked her husband if he’d found out who sent him that message. But to her surprise, he expressed shock by her curiosity.

He lashed out at her and stressed knowing nothing about the text and its sender then asked her to get over it because it was not okay for her to be repeatedly bringing it up.

Although OP decided not to discuss the message with her husband and frustrate him again, she thought social media would help her unravel her doubts.

OP turned to social media for guidance to unravel her doubts | Photo: Pexels


After reading her post, several people from the sub flocked to the comments section with mixed opinions. A few others warned OP how the part—“and the bed feels so cold right now” —could signal something else.

“Such a weird fragment to be sent from a random unknown number,” one user wrote, adding:

“Seems like they were having a conversation. He deleted the thread, and the person on the other end sent another text after the fact.”

Some people online speculated about why OP's husband constantly deleted texts after reading them | Photo: Pexels


As the discussion heated up, some people asked OP if her husband had done something suspicious earlier. “Has he done anything else that seems strange? A message like that wouldn’t sit right with me either,” wrote user LeaMonster.

OP claimed her husband did have an “emotional affair” in the past but made efforts to win her trust after their marriage.

“He lets me have full access to his phone, but the thing I noticed is that he never keeps any inbox or sent texts whether to family or work,” she stated, adding that he’d been doing it to save space on his phone.

OP's husband had given her full access to his phone | Photo: Unsplash


Some advised OP to listen to her gut and described her husband’s behavior as “highly suspicious.”

“I do trust my husband, but I just can’t help but feel like there’s more to this than a random text from someone who got the wrong number because the way it read looked as if there were more phrases sent before, but I found nothing,” she recounted.

“I might be overreacting, but I can’t help but get this awful feeling something is not right,” she concluded, leaving her readers waiting for an update.  

OP stated that although she trusted her husband, she couldn't get over the random text on his phone | Photo: Unsplash


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think the husband’s phone records could help OP get to the bottom of the mystery?

Some people online suggested that OP check her husband’s phone records to determine precisely how much he’d texted and called the unknown number. A few others agreed that rummaging through the phone bills would be one of the easiest ways to confront him with proof. What do you think?

Do you think the text could’ve been accidentally sent to the husband’s phone number?

The majority of the commenters who offered OP advice on the issue argued that the possibility of the text being accidentally sent to her husband was slim. Some even said that OP’s husband could’ve had a string of texts he deleted after reading but missed deleting the particular message. How would you handle the situation after reading such a text on your partner’s phone?

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