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Day by Day Things Went Missing from Busy Man's Home So He Decided to Install Hidden Cameras

Edduin Carvajal
Feb 08, 2022
05:00 A.M.
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A man notices some of his things disappearing from his house while he is away, so he installs hidden security cameras to learn what is happening.


Reddit user TobyMe11 took to the "ProRevenge" sub to share what his friend did after discovering things wouldn't stop going missing from his home.

The Original Poster (OP) explained that his friend and his then-fiancée worked long hours to pay for their house loan and prepare for their future together, but they dealt with an unpleasant situation.

A man installed security cameras to discover why his items kept disappearing | Photo: Shutterstock


OP's friends barely had time for each other. Their hectic schedules also prevented them from doing the house chores, so they hired a maid.

The woman made a great first impression and immediately earned the couple's trust. They even gave her the keys to their house, so she didn't need them to be home to clean up.

Everything went smoothly the first few weeks, and OP's friends were glad that she always paid attention to detail and tidied up every room.

The maid won the homeowners' trust | Photo: Pixabay


Things took an unexpected turn after six months. Although the owners instructed the maid not to let anyone in and always lock the door on her way out, a few items started disappearing.

Initially, it was hard to notice because only small things went missing, like AA batteries. Over time, phone chargers, expensive perfumes, and even electrical appliances were nowhere to be found.

OP's friend was sure he had lost them, but he eventually discovered a pattern: all the items went missing when he wasn't home and the maid was cleaning the place.

The man noticed things went missing when he was working | Photo: Pixabay


He didn't have enough evidence to blame her, though. But after doing some social-media investigation, he found she was in serious debt. She had to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills, divorce court settlements, and more.

At that point, OP's friend was sure the maid was to blame but still needed proof, so he installed hidden security cameras without telling her. He quickly corroborated his hypotheses.

OP explained that anything stolen worth $250 or more was considered a crime in his country, and after five weeks, his friend had enough evidence to take the maid to court.

[The maid] claimed the man wrongly accused her.


The man got angry after the maid stole important documents | Photo: Pixabay

However, he got furious after she stole a flash disk with private documents, billing information, and other official work documents. The man decided he would wait for her to steal even more so he could squeeze as much money from her as possible.


OP's friend then developed a revenge plan. He told the maid the house would be empty for a week because he and his girlfriend would be going on a honeymoon. However, they only rented an Airbnb a few blocks away from their home.

He also told her they wanted to avoid the airport parking rates, so they left their brand-new Chevrolet Camaro parked at home. He even placed the car keys in a visible area for the maid to see.

The man developed a plan with his brand new car | Photo: Pixabay


Two days later, the maid did what OP's friend expected: she took the car for a ride. Little did she know that the owner installed a GPS tracking device in it, and when he noticed the car was cruising at 90MPH on the highway, he called the police.

The authorities arrested her, and the man finally pressed charges. However, the maid thought she could get away with it and told the judge that OP's friend asked her to drive the Camaro somewhere.

When asked about the alleged address to which she was supposed to take the car, she acted like she had forgotten where it was. She claimed the man wrongly accused her and took her to court because he needed money to pay for the house loan.


The maid was arrested after stealing the man's Camaro | Photo: Unsplash

Again, the maid didn't know that OP's friend had video evidence of her stealing from his home. They valued what she stole at around $40,000, including the car, so it was indeed a crime.


The maid was sentenced to five years behind bars and was ordered to pay $5,000 in legal fees, the couple's lawyer, and the stolen items. The judge didn't include the car in the settlement because authorities immediately recovered it.

When the police searched the maid's home, they found most of the stolen things. They also discovered items other customers previously reported missing. OP stated that the maid was so deep in debt that she was likely to be homeless after being released.

The maid was sentenced to five years in prison | Photo:


Other Reddit users took to the comment section to share similar experiences and thoughts on the situation. One pointed out that their dad's maid stole sheets, pillows, towels, and food. The netizen added:

"Sometimes she would bring her husband around and he would drink from my dad's alcohol collection, my dad stopped paying her and fired her."

Another Redditor wrote that they understood why employers would let people continue to steal from them, but they added it was not worth it because it was too risky.

After leaving jail, the maid will probably be homeless | Photo: Pixabay


Questions to Ponder:

If you were in OP's friend's shoes, how would you have dealt with the maid's theft?

OP's friend devised a plan to have the maid arrested and pay a steep price for stealing from him.  He baited the maid with his car. Would you do the same or would you confront the maid the moment you learn she had been stealing from you?

Do you think the maid learned her lesson?

According to OP, the maid's debt was so severe that she probably wouldn't have enough to pay rent after leaving prison. Is that enough to change her ways? Would you indirectly push someone into homelessness for stealing from you?


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