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Meet Eric Winter's Wife Gorgeous Roselyn Sanchez — They Disagree about Everything

Laura Beatham
Feb 07, 2022
05:35 A.M.
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Roselyn Sánchez and "The Rookie" star Eric Winter welcomed their two children through IVF, and the "Devious Maids" actress once revealed the highs and lows of the experience. 


Eric Winter and his wife, Roselyn Sánchez, are accomplished actors and have a remarkable personal life together, with their two adorable children, Sebella, ten, and Dylan, four. 

Winter is most known for his TV roles in "The Metalist" as FBI Special Agent Craig O'Laughlin, "Witches of East End" as the character Dash Gardiner and as Sergeant Tim Bradford on "The Rookie."

Eric Winter as Sergeant Tim Bradford on "The Rookie," 2021 [Left] Winter and Roselyn Sanchez pictured on their wedding day in 2021 [Right]Photo: Instagram/roselyn_sanchez & Instagram/therookieabc


Sánchez has an equally impressive career to her husband. A few of her acting credits include portraying Carmen Luna in "Devious Maids," "Grand Hotel," "Without a Trace," and her latest show, "Fantasy Island."

The mother of two also has a long list of film credits including, "Chasing Papi," "Rush Hour 2," "Death Of A Vegas Showgirl," "The Game Plan," "Yellow," "Ace of Valor," and "A Nice Wine Christmas."


Besides being an accomplished actress, Sánchez is also a fantastic singer and songwriter. She released her album Borinqueña in 2003, filled with Spanish songs such as "Amor, Amor" and "Mito."

Winter and Sánchez have also teamed up and worked on three creative projects. A movie called "A Taste Of Summer," a children's book, "Sebi and The Land of Cha Cha Cha" and their podcast. 


Their 2019 film saw the couple as conflicting restaurateurs, Gaddy and Caleb, who find themselves competing against each other after Gabby opens a restaurant in Massachusetts. 

The couple's opposite personalities were highlighted on set, as Winter revealed that Sánchez takes a more serious approach to her acting work while he prefers to have fun and goof around on set. He once said of their dynamic:

"Roselyn was so serious. I was looking at her like, "Why do you look like you want to kill me? We're working together, we're supposed to be falling in love!" "


However, Sánchez and Winter, who have been married since 2008, have made their sometimes conflicting relationship work and even used it to launch their podcast, "He Said, Ella Dijo" with iHeartRadio. 

Winter explained that the couple is "complete opposites on almost everything," which can make for some pretty interesting conversation for the podcast, where they dive into topics such as business, pop culture, family, and relationships.


Winter and Sánchez's acting careers and podcasts are mainly aimed at an adult audience. However, the entrepreneurial couple has reached a child audience with their children's book, "Sebi and The Land of Cha Cha Cha."

In the bilingual book, Sebi (based on the couple's daughter, Sebella) and her best friend Keeke find themselves in the Land Of Cha Cha Cha, learning about different Latin dances and rhythms.


Sánchez got the idea to write the book after she could not find a book about Latin Rhythms to read to her daughter. She explained that the children's stories about dancing typically focus on Ballet and Tap:

"I realized there was no book that embraced the Latin (dancing) culture... There's wonderful books about ballet and tap but there was nothing that would teach kids Latin rhythms."

They also decide to have Sebi's best friend be a boy to show young boys they can be dancers. Winter explained that a male partner leads the dances in Latin dancing, so they wanted their book to cater to boys and girls. 


Sánchez and Winter's book is perfect for their daughter Sebella and son Dylan. The couple first welcomed Sebella in 2012 and Dylan in 2017 through IVF.

The actress has been open about her experiences with IVF and entering motherhood at an older age. She welcomed her daughter when she was 38 and her son when she was 44. 


During a candid conversation with Hola, Sánchez revealed she had never been afraid of aging until she welcomed her two children. She explained that she is fearful of aging for health reasons because she wants to be there for her children when they are adults. 

To combat her fears, Sánchez stays fit with exercise and tries her best to take care of her health. Although keeping healthy comes naturally to her, it now feels more of a duty to herself and her children. 


In February 2020, Sanchez shared how IVF had physically affected her by posting a photo of the bruising she experienced on Instagram to promote an episode of their podcast where she and Winter discussed their IVF journey.

Sánchez started the IVF process when she was 35 because she realized that it was better to start sooner than later if she wanted to have children. Fortunately, the first time they used IVF to conceive their daughter was successful. 


However, the process did not go as smoothly when trying to conceive their second child. Besides affecting the mother's mental and physical health, Sánchez admitted the process could affect a couple's relationship too:

"You have to have a very solid relationship we know couples who don't survive the process, because the women go crazy."

Winter shared that the process is complex for the male partner because while a man wants to support their partner, they are pushed away, so it's a challenging time for the parents. 


Fortunately for Winter and Sánchez, they made it to the other side of the IVF process with their relationship intact and two beautiful children. However, the journey to welcoming their children did mean the kids had a five-year age gap. 

The parents had initially thought they would have children close in age, but luckily, the age gap has come with its perks, including older sister Sebella wanting to help take care of her younger brother. 


Sánchez explained that although now Sebella is an amazing sister to Dylan before she gave birth, Sebella wanted to have a sister rather, and it took some time for her to be excited about having a brother. 

Dylan and Sebella regularly make appearances on their famous parent's Instagram accounts. The proud parents have shared photos of the family enjoying holidays, days out to amusement parks, and Sebella playing tennis.