Woman knocks on stranger's door, leaves her 3 children at his doorstep & walks away | Shutterstock
Source: Woman knocks on stranger's door, leaves her 3 children at his doorstep & walks away | Shutterstock

Woman Knocks Loudly on Stranger's Door, Leaves Her 3 Children behind and Walks Away

Rita Kumar
Feb 09, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A man wakes up to loud bellowing bangs on his door at 7 am and meets an unfamiliar woman with three children at his doorstep. 


A fight choreographer over his 40s turned to Reddit’s “Entitled Parents” sub to publicize an incident involving a stranger who unexpectedly dropped by his house with her children, demanding he “look after them.”

Redditor someenglishguy111 claimed the encounter still infuriated him and pumped up his adrenaline, so publicizing his plight would be the only way to get it off his system.

A woman with 3 children knocks on a stranger's door & leaves them at his doorstep | Photo: Shutterstock


Before explaining the incident, the Original Poster (OP) elaborated a bit on his chronic pain condition, due to which he had a hard time getting a good night’s rest.

When OP was diagnosed with the condition, his doctor put him in touch with a couple of support groups in his city. So when one of his friends had a flare-up, he’d rush to help out with a few errands. 

At times, his condition would flare up too, and during such instances, he’d have a hard time resting well. The night before the incident he couldn't sleep, and he only managed to dose off that morning at around 5:30 am. However, his peaceful slumber was painfully disrupted by a loud banging on his door.


OP's sleep was disrupted due to loud banging on his door | Photo: Pexels

It was 7 am and whoever was at OP's doorstep wouldn’t stop banging. He thought it could be the postman waiting to deliver a parcel and quickly grabbed his sweat pants.


But the woman yelled, knocking on the frosted glass door, and at this point, the Redditor worried if she would break it.

He tottered to the door and was pretty shocked seeing a woman with three children at his doorstep. OP had no idea who she was or what she wanted.   

OP met a woman with three children at his doorstep | Photo: Pexels


The woman was busy texting on her phone when she told OP to look after her children and take them to school, all this without looking up from her phone. Then she walked away without a word more.

When OP called out to her to wait,  the woman bluntly said, “Ugh!! What?”

The guy asked her who she was because he hadn’t seen her around before, so the woman introduced herself as a friend of OP’s friend.

The woman told OP to take care of her children | Photo: Pexels


Although OP was convinced the woman was his friend’s friend, he couldn’t understand why she would leave her children with him that morning. He told her he wasn’t acquainted with her or the children and had no business taking care of them.

At this point, OP started to panic, but the woman told him to look after her children, saying she knew he did this often for his friend. When OP still refused, the woman rudely demanded the same thing again. OP kept insisting he wasn’t familiar with her, but the woman was hell-bent on not leaving without getting her job done.

Frustrated with the woman,  OP shut the door on her face and threatened to call the cops. He sighed some relief and hoped it was now over. But the woman started to yell and kept knocking on the frosted glass door, and at this point, the man was worried she would break it.


The woman refused to go & continued knocking on the glass door | Photo: Pexels

He quickly grabbed his phone and hurried to the door and when the woman saw him dialing his phone, she stopped yelling.


“Hello, police, please,” OP said while the woman watched in awe. Then she gathered her children and left.

OP took his plight to the internet’s notice and amassed some incredible suggestions and advice from the users online.

OP called the cops | Photo: Pexels


“I kind of hope the parent tries again just so you can tell her, “Fine, but pay me $100” or something,” Redditor darkstar842 wrote, adding:

“If she wants her kids watched, she’d better pay you for it.”

Meanwhile, some people advised OP to reach out to his friend and confirm whether she knew the woman.“You need to have a chat with your friend F...”user sillysillyyou stated.

People advised OP to contact his friend & verify if she knew the woman | Photo: Pexels


“Heard back from F, turns out EM lied to her and said that this was all sorted out days ago, but she lost my address,” OP stated

OP claimed that although it wasn’t his friend’s fault, he was still annoyed at her for giving his address to the woman. 

“I guess she just decided that if I watch my friend’s kids once in a while and she’s friends with my friend, then obviously I’ll look after her kids,” he concluded.

OP claimed the woman could've assumed he'd watch her children just like how he usually did for his friend | Photo: Pexels


Questions to Ponder:

Do you think parents should entrust their kids to strangers the way the woman in OP's story did? 

OP said the woman who turned out to be a friend of a friend assumed he would babysit her children just because he’d been doing it for his friend. However, OP refused because he didn't know her. Do you think OP took the right stand by refusing to babysit the woman’s children? Is it okay for parents to trust a stranger with their children?

If you were in OP's shoes, how would you have handled the situation?

OP threatened to call the cops on the woman for forcing her kids on him. If you were OP, how would you react to the woman's intrusion?

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