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Man Works the Day of His Wedding and Cut Own Honeymoon – Lost Wife and Was Tricked by the Boss

Stephen Thompson
Feb 10, 2022
01:40 A.M.
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A husband bore the brunt of dedicating all of his time to work. As a result, his wife abandoned their eight-year relationship and four-month marriage. Here's the whole story.


For decades, many marriages have been torn apart due to several reasons such as infidelity, lack of trust, irreconcilable differences, barrenness, amongst others.

Although the above mentioned are some major reasons behind divorce, some marriages have also crumbled due to spouses spending more time with work-related issues rather than giving adequate attention to their marriages.

Man loses his wife working too hard. | Photo: Shutterstock


Last month, Redditor dailybrood32 took to antiwork — a popular subreddit where stories of people who want to stop working, know more about jobs, and get the most out of a work-free life are posted — to reveal how he lost his wife over his time-consuming job.

The Original Poster (OP) met his wife eight years ago. The pair started their romance, and it was like a match made in heaven. They were full of love for each other and enjoyed every moment spent together. However, things changed when OP secured a job a few years later.

OP and his wife were full of love for each other. | Photo: Pexels


It was a job that mounted so much pressure on him, but his bosses assured him that it would pay off in the long run. So OP worked hard to impress his bosses.

However, it affected his relationship with his woman. He often came home late and worked on weekends, holidays, and even during vacations.

On the other hand, OP's then-girlfriend was left alone, in the company of herself. It was a difficult time for the woman. However, her husband convinced her that he was working hard for their future, and someday, all his efforts would eventually pay off. 

OP's partner was sad because she was left alone. | Photo: Unspalsh


Despite his words, OP's partner cared more about spending time with him than getting a great future. She begged him to quit for the longest time, explaining that their relationship was more important. However, OP never listened, and he continued with his job.

In 2020, the year OP tied the knot, he struggled financially, but once again, OP relied on the assurances of his bosses that the following year would be better. So OP worked even harder and even cut his honeymoon short.

While his wife struggled to cope, OP was keen on giving her a luxurious life, hence the efforts he put into his work. However, his dreams were never actualized, as his marriage ended.


OP put in more effort at work to afford his wife some luxury. | Photo: Unsplash

Four months after the couple tied the knot, OP's wife left the union, bringing to an end their eight-year relationship. The man had chosen work over his wife and relationship for a long time, and she could not endure it anymore.


OP begged his wife to stay and pleaded to be allowed to work till the end of the year before he would quit. However, all efforts to win his woman back proved futile.

So, OP was heartbroken and drowned his sorrows in more work. He tried to forget everything that had happened, but the outcome of his hard work made matters worse. OP's bosses informed him that the company had a bad year and could not deliver on its promises.

OP's wife was done and she left. | Photo: Pexels


This meant that he worked tirelessly for nothing and lost his marriage for no good reason. So OP took two weeks off, returned for a week, and eventually quit his job. He left the firm, abandoning six months of work and blaming his bosses for his predicament.

In the end, his advice to netizens was, "money won't buy you happiness. If you are lucky to find someone who loves you, focus on that and never let go."

Since the post was shared, it has gotten over 23,000 upvotes, with many flooding the post with mixed comments.

OP was subjected to several negative reactions from netizens. However, he explained that he had accepted his faults and suggested they read the whole story before judging. On the other hand, some users related to OP's story and offered words of encouragement.


OP was heartbroken as he had lost his wife and job. | Photo: Pexels

"I used to work overtime on weekends thinking it was worth it. It's never worth it," a user mentioned. Redditor brahdoyouevenlift wrote:


"I'm so sorry you had to experience this. I left my most recent job because I saw it having an effect on my marriage. ( My boss scheduled me for client meetings the day after my wedding). I hope everything works out for you in the end."

More than anything, OP was grateful for the advice and encouraging words he received. He noted that the users had given him nothing short of positivity, and he appreciated it. OP concluded by revealing that he got a new job and a new lady, and the future is looking promising.

OP realized his mistakes after the deed had been done. | Photo: Pexels


Questions to Ponder

Do you think OP's actions were justified since he intended to give his wife a happy life full of luxury?

OP had his wife's best interest at heart but his wife told him to quit his job several times because she was not interested in the life her husband promised. Should OP have listened to his wife more?

Do you think OP's wife should have been more patient instead of leaving four months after getting married? 

OP's constant working habit was for a stipulated time based on the assurances from his bosses. Do you think things would have changed as OP promised if the wife was more patient? Is it okay for spouses to dedicate more time to their jobs than their partners and marriages? If you were OP's wife, what would you do?

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