Couple Who Adopts 9-Year-Old Girl Get Scared and Return Her, 24 Years Later She Tells Her Story

Dayna Remus
Feb 10, 2022
05:40 A.M.
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One little girl thought she had found her forever home. But, her life was torn apart when her adoptive parents returned her to the orphanage, implying that she was a tiny devil in disguise. 


In 1997, an American couple adopted a nine-year-old girl from an orphanage in Moscow, Russia, naming her Caralee. These adoptive parents made eery claims against the orphan, leaving people on edge.

In 2021, Caralee, 33 years old and going by the name of Sabrina, refuted these accusations, causing a discomforting dilemma for those following this hearsay-based story from both sides.

A young Caralee [main]; A young Caralee with her ex-adoptive father Jesse [inset]. │Source:



Crystal and Jesse, Sabrina's ex adoptive parents, said they were over the moon when they took in the 9-year-old, with the orphanage describing her as a lovely girl. However, a while later, Crystal claimed

"There was a coldness in her and an anger and just a distance." 

The couple alleged that she stole the mom's jewelry, said that she heard voices that were not there, and had delusions.

Sabrina when she was a young girl. │Source: Mornings



However, Crystal and Jesse purported this was just the tip of the iceberg regarding her unusual behavior. The duo claimed that Caralee was not only difficult but also dangerous.

She was left crying and completely distraught.

The two asserted that she attempted to kill her fellow adoptee brother, Joshua. The parents stated that the 9-year-old tried to throw him off a 30-feet-high deck at their house while announcing that she would murder the little boy. 

Joshua. │Source: Mornings



Crystal and Jesse have also accused the adoption agency of withholding mental health information, but the institution stated that this was untrue. One of the many psychiatrists that saw the little girl said:

"This child I would consider to be a homicide risk. [sic]"

After extensive treatment for the young girl's said mental issues, the couple asserted that they still found her to be an imminent threat.

Psychiatrist Brian Kennedy. │Source: Mornings


This fear of Caralee is why, the duo claim, they took her back to Russia, where she was put in a psychiatric facility. On her way there, she was left sobbing and completely distraught. 

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Sabrina crying when she was a young girl. │Source: Mornings



Over two decades later, the now fully-grown woman has ultimately denied the claims. Sabrina said that the incident with Joshua was miles away from what Crystal and Jesse alleged. 

Instead, the 33-year-old says she was trying to help her brother after her adoptive mother asked her to bring him down the steps, which she struggled to do. 

Sabrina as an adult. │Source: Mornings



Sabrina also claimed that rather than hallucinations, she became depressed to the point of thinking about taking her own life, believing that Crystal and Jesse didn't want her. She expressed

"I was nine, and that's what I wanted [to be adopted]. I want to feel loved, and I want a family."

This grown woman has managed to turn her life around, finding her way back to the United States and settling down in North Carolina with her husband and four children. 



Whatever one may believe regarding Sabrina versus Crystal and Jesse's story, it still illustrates the intense rejection that adoptees, orphans, and foster children face.

This pain can be even worse when the child is differently-abled, such as baby Alba who has Down Syndrome. She was abandoned at birth and rejected by 20 families -- until Luca Trapanese came along.

A single gay man, Trapanese, worried he would never find a child to adopt until an agency asked if he would become the legal parent of Alba.


When he saw the little girl, he instantly fell in love, and although the adoption process was difficult to navigate, Trapanese made it through and could finally call Alba his daughter. 

Adoption can be messy, sometimes leading to confusing and destructive situations. But, it can also be beautiful -- the evidence clearly in the love that Trapanese has for his baby girl. 

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