Marilyn Milian | Marilyn Milian and John Schlesinger | Source: Youtube.com/CBS Los Angeles | Instagram.com/thepeoplescourttv
Marilyn Milian | Marilyn Milian and John Schlesinger | Source: Youtube.com/CBS Los Angeles | Instagram.com/thepeoplescourttv

Marilyn Milian & Husband of 30 Years, Who Is Also a Judge, Spend 'Every Waking Minute Together'

Junie Sihlangu
Feb 10, 2022
11:40 P.M.

After being together for years, Judge Marilyn Milian and her husband, Judge John Schlesinger, have three adult children. However, when their relationship began, Milian had some doubts.


During an October 2017 "The People's Court" off-air taping with Judge Marilyn Milian, she revealed how she met her long-term husband, Judge John Schlesinger. The television star said she'd met him in a bar like all the other men she had dated before him.

Milian was so brave that she approached him! At the bar, there was a group of federal and state prosecutors and a man between the judge and her intended target, so she kept elbowing the guy urging him to introduce her to Schlesinger!

Judge Marilyn Milian at the ceremony honoring Judge Joseph Albert Wapner with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on November 12, 2009, in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

Judge Marilyn Milian at the ceremony honoring Judge Joseph Albert Wapner with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on November 12, 2009, in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images


Her wish came true, and they started dating by frequenting Chinese restaurants. At some point, Milian wasn't so sure about how fast the relationship with Schlesinger was going because she was on the rebound.

He encouraged her to allow them to take things easy and see where the relationship went. Schlesinger handed his fortune cookie over to his date, which pretty much reiterated his suggestion!


Schlesinger proposed after they were together for about a year and a few months while they were in a restaurant. He pulled out a ring sans the box because the jewelry had been in his pocket for four hours.


Milian was thrilled but couldn't help but be surprised that he'd had the ring in his pocket the whole time! In July and October 2021, "The People's Court" Instagram page gave fans a look back at the couple's relationship in the early stages by sharing throwback images of them back when they were much younger.

Milian and Schlesinger tied the knot on April 4, 1993. They celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary in 2021 by sharing two images of them toasting the milestone and a photo of themselves on their wedding day.


During their July 2021 appearance on "The Drew Barrymore Show," the couple opened up about how their relationship was progressing. As fans know, they are both judges, and they revealed that they often called each other from their respective chambers for work advice.


The theme of reaching out to each other for work advice actually started when they were prosecutors. Milian was a state prosecutor while her husband was a federal one, and they attended each other's trials to give tips and advice during the wooing stage of the relationship, with Milian noting:

“Being in the same business is a lot of fun”


However, since then, the couple has become "literally, literally inseparable" as they live and work together. The couple's home and work life had blended, and their studio was in their living room.

Drew Barrymore's talk show showed clips with the pair filming with cameras and lights in their home. Milian even confessed that where they were sitting for the interview was also where they put up their Christmas tree!


On September 10, 2020, "The People's Court's" Instagram page shared an interview between Schlesinger and Milian; the former got to introduce himself. It was revealed that he would feature a lot during that season, and he and his wife would work together on her reality television series.


In December 2021, Milian and her husband appeared behind the scenes of their show and showed that they had no problem being affectionate and spreading their love. The couple shared a cute quick kiss for the cameras!


During Barrymore's interview, she recalled how the couple always mentioned that they were together all the time and laughed about it as if they didn't enjoy it. Ironically, the pair laughed as they clarified that they actually meant it because it was "great" and "magical."

Milian shared that they liked each other and thought that was great; otherwise, it would've sucked for them. She joked about how linked she and her husband were, stating that they spent:

“Every waking minute together, together!”



However, Schlesinger also noted that he and his wife had different personalities, which strengthened their relationship. He described his wife as a shark that was always on the move.

In late 2020, the Miami Herald revealed how Milian and her husband's life-work relationship had become so intertwined. The publication said she had moved her reality show to start taping in the living room of her South Florida home.


The reason for the change was the outbreak of the coronavirus. The show had gone virtual earlier in May because of quarantine; then, in September, new court cases began airing with litigants presenting their disputes from the safety of their homes.

She’d [Marilyn Milian] have to volunteer at her daughters’ schools, drive them to volleyball and attend matches, and take them to rowing practice.



In October 2021, "The People's Court" took to Instagram to share a throwback family photo of Schlesinger, his wife, and their three daughters when they were still younger. The show's page frequently shares updates on the family.

In August 2021, the page revealed how grown-up the couple's daughters are with an updated image of the three women having a meal with their mother. Milian and her husband are now empty nesters and were loving it!


In a November 2021 Instagram clip, the couple opened up about having their home to themselves. Milian revealed that being empty nesters "rocked," and she'd initially thought she would be miserable.

Schlesinger agreed, sharing that he didn't know that there would be so many more hours in a day. The pair could now eat where they wanted, go where they liked, and didn't have their children there giving their opinions when they weren't even paying!


Milian shared how their daughters would come home; open the fridge and complain that it was like being back at college with no groceries and nothing good to eat! The couple hilariously concluded that being empty nesters was just great!

Things are clearly much different from April 2016, when Milian told New York Lifestyles that she used to have a busy schedule. The judge had to volunteer at her daughters' schools, drive them to volleyball and attend matches, and take them to rowing practice.

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