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Late Anna Nicole Smith Stays Her Ex’s Only Love in 15 Years Yet Their Daughter Tries to Convince Him to Date

Oyin Balogun
Feb 11, 2022
09:40 P.M.
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Former model and actress Anna Nicole Smith was in a relationship with her photographer, Birkhead, but they parted ways before her death. It has been fifteen years, yet she remains his only love, despite their daughter's persuasions to get him to date.


Anna Nicole Smith was a Playboy model who starred in a few on-screen productions. Sadly, she passed away in 2007 but left behind a legacy, including her achievements in the entertainment world and a daughter, Dannielynn.

Dannielynn was a product of Smith's relationship with photographer Larry Birkhead. The pair dated for a while but separated before their child was born.

Portrait of model Anna Nicole Smith. [Left] | Anna Nicole Smith cuddling up with her secret lover Larry Birkhead. [Right] | Photo: Getty Images


Unfortunately, Dannielynn did not grow with her mother's care and nurturing, as the model died unexpectedly five months after childbirth. Immediately, Birkhead began a trial to claim sole custody of his daughter and prove his paternity via DNA.

Now, father and daughter live a quiet life, hoping to expand their family someday. However, Birkhead has chosen to focus full-time on parenting and has refused to date another despite his daughter's attempts to hook him up.

Anna Nicole Smith receiving the Big Makeover Award during the VH1 Big in 2004. | Photo: Getty Images



Smith met Birkhead, who worked as a photographer in 2004 on the eve of the Kentucky Derby at the famous Barnstable-Brown Gala. The model was trying to reinvent herself, and after two failed marriages and life as a model, she introduced a reality TV show to her fans.

Birkhead admitted that many saw Smith as a "trainwreck," but she was a hardworking woman who was hell-bent on retrieving her glory days with the on-screen production "The Anna Nicole Show."

According to the photographer, Smith was dedicated to working and knew her onions in front of the camera. When the former model spotted Birkhead, she waved and blew kisses at him, and eventually, he was contracted to take her photos during her charity work.


Anna Nicole Smith at the 130th Kentucky Derby on May 1, 2004 in Louisville. | Photo: Getty Images


Shortly after working together, the duo became romantically involved but kept it away from the news. This was because Smith wanted her lover away from the spotlight. While Birkhead recounted their love story, he added that:


"No one ever knew one time that I was her boyfriend. The whole time we dated, if you look at all the videos, I'm in the back carrying my camera bag."



While the couple decided to keep things on the low, inwardly, it was a very volatile setting. Their relationship was unpredictable as they often argued and disagreed on several issues.

The nature of their romance frustrated Birkhead, who often packed his things to leave. He was tired of the constant arguments stirred by Smith's controlling behaviors. However, he endured it until she left him and ended the relationship.

Initially, Birkhead had planned to quit the love affair, but Smith revealed news of her pregnancy, adding that it would be ridiculous to separate.


Anna Nicole Smith at the Video Software Dealers Association Convention in Las Vegas in 1993. | Photo: Getty Images

A few months later, after one of their usual fights, the actress left for the Bahamas, cutting all ties with the photographer. Once she began her new life, the expectant mother announced her pregnancy via a post on her website, without naming Birkhead as the father.


Before thinking about their failed relationship, Smith's ex-boyfriend was concerned about her and the baby's health since she took some prescribed medications.

Cocktail Party introducing Playboy's 1993 Playmate of the Year Anna Nicole Smith. | Photo: Getty Images



Anna Nicole Smith came from a humble background; on top of that, she was abused. As a result, Smith could not complete her high school education, and at age 15, she dropped out to work in a local fast-food chicken restaurant.

By 1992, she got her big break in the industry, first as a model, and later she starred in "Hudsucker" and "Naked Gun 33 1/3." Apart from rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty in the industry, Smith hit the lottery when she married Howard Marshall, 89.

Anna Nicole Smith in a Hollywood apartment on January 31, 1998. | Photo: Getty Images


She already experienced a failed marriage that produced a son, Daniel. At 24, she married the older adult and was quickly tagged a gold digger because of his wealth.

The marriage did not last, as Marshall died a year later. However, Smith was back to her single parenthood and maintained a close bond with her son.

Anna Nicole Smith Kicks Off The Re-launch of The National Enquirer in New York City. | Photo: Getty Images



When Daniel heard of his half-sister's birth in 2006, he rushed to the hospital in the Bahamas to welcome her. But sadly, Dannielynn's big brother died while sleeping beside his mother in a hospital bed.

Autopsy reports claimed that he died from a combination of toxic substances; two antidepressants and methadone. This was devastating to the new mom, as the two shared an inseparable bond.

Dannielynn, who consistently gives her dad dating tips, also wants them to expand the family by adopting.

Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel Smith at the Award Show 4 Gamers in 2004 in Los Angeles. | Photo: Getty Images


Birkhead revealed that Smith was inconsolable, from crying to acting erratic, and it scared him. He was sure she would be unable to care for herself and their daughter.

Although Birkhead knew of her incapacity, he did not predict her untimely death. At age 39, five months after her son's death and daughter's birth, the "Hudsucker" alum died of an accidental overdose.



Smith's former photographer, lover, and baby daddy wanted their daughter. So a few months after her birth, and while Smith was mourning her son, he announced that he was that father and filed a lawsuit to claim his child. 

This was after a failed attempt to establish contact with their daughter. Several other men alleged paternity to the fact, including Howard K. Stern. 

Stern, who represented Smith, retaliated to Birkhead's lawsuit by claiming that Dannielynn was his daughter and that he had planned to marry the actress.


Anna Nicole Smith on the set of Kanye West's Video "Workout Plan" at North Hills Gym in North Hills, California. | Photo: Getty Images

Aside from the lack of communication between father and child, Birkhead explained that he was concerned about the health and safety of the newborn.


A few months later, a DNA was conducted, and DNA expert Dr. Michael Baird confessed that the result was 99.999 percent accurate, describing it as "pretty good."

In court, Birkhead proudly grinned at the reporters and commented that he was confident of the paternity before the tests. He added that he was prepared to be a responsible parent.



Before the results, the photographer did not like Stern; he assumed that the attorney who claimed paternity tried to create enmity between himself and Smith.

However, once Dannielynn was declared his, the men turned friends. Stern became supportive in nurturing the young princess. He showed the new dad how to feed and change her diapers.



Despite Dannielynn being Birkhead's first child, he has been able to manage fatherhood on his own with the proper support. The photographer decided to live a low-profile life with his daughter in Kentucky.

While they chose to remain away from the spotlight, the pair have a family tradition that brings them to Louisville's famous Kentucky Derby Gala.

Birkhead has also made some rare appearances on some television shows, including "Life After Anna," "The Millionaire Matchmaker," and "Wife Swap."



Smith stays Birkhead's only love even though it has been fifteen years since her death. The father of one is yet to find his soulmate and admitted that he has been on several dates due to his daughter's insistence.

The photographer stated that Dannielynn tries to set him up with any woman she deems fit, from regular moms at playdates to superstars like Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner, Kim, and even Kris Jenner!


While Birkhead revealed that he would like to find a lover of his choice, he added that his past dates believe he is looking for another Anna Nicole. In his words:

"I had one girl come and try to try on Anna Nicole's jewelry; I had one girl show up and try to look like Anna Nicole. And they just want to talk about the whole situation."

Dannielynn, who consistently gives her dad dating tips, also wants them to expand the family by adopting. Once, Smith's daughter collected an adoption brochure in Indianapolis, asking her dad to bring home another child.



Birkhead may be conscious about having a lover with her originality and not someone trying to be like Smith, but that does not mean that he does not honor his ex-girlfriend. 

Two days ago, the father of one shared a throwback photo showing him and the deceased in an affectionate embrace. In the post, he praised her and admitted that Dannielynn is her mini-version.

He wrote: "Today, I remember your heart, your soul, and your beauty, both inside and out. Your love is alive still to this day, in the form of a truly one-of-a-kind teenager with her mom's smile, beauty, and courage. Thanks to Anna's fans for helping keep her memory alive. We love you, Anna Nicole."


Fortunately, Birkhead has passed down the love to his daughter, who, at 15, cherishes her mother's memory. In the past, the pair visited Smith's birthplace for Dannielynn to grasp what her mother was like.


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