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Cop Called to Arrest Shoplifting Mom, Sees Her Children and Decides to Pay Her Bill

Stephen Thompson
Feb 12, 2022
01:00 A.M.
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When a Kansas police officer Mark Engravalle was called to arrest a shoplifter and her daughter, he was touched by their predicament and instead decided to help.


It is said that there is no stronger bond than that which exists between a mother and her children, which in turn means she would do anything for them.

So, when a Kansas mother of six, Sarah Robinson, noticed she had no diapers left for her youngest twin daughters and no money to buy more, she walked straight into Walmart to steal some. 

Mother of six who shoplifted and got helped by a cop. | Photo: Getty Images


Robinson had been struggling financially since her husband suddenly died due to an accident and left her to fend for six children; Emily, Sophia, Angelina, Miley, and their twins Becky and Bella.

They were living out of a car because they had lost their house and most of their belongings. The mother of six walked into Walmart with one of her older daughters and took a couple of clothes, diapers, and wipes. She was, however, apprehended walking out of the store without paying. 



On that fateful Monday, Roeland police officer Mark Engravalle was dispatched to address the shoplifting incident. The officer found Robinson and her six children crying and looking visibly distressed when he arrived.

Engravalle asked the mother of six what happened, but she started crying and explained why she could not afford to pay. He subsequently looked through what they had tried to steal and discovered $300 worth of diapers, shoes, baby wipes, and other items her children needed.


Engravalle also realized three of her kids were barefooted with dirty feet, so he asked and discovered the kids did not have any shoes to wear.

The officer, a father of two himself, was very touched by this family's predicament, so he decided to help. Instead of arresting Robinson, he wrote her a citation for misdemeanor theft.

Afterward, he went back inside the store with her children and bought diapers, baby wipes, and clothes. He also instructed the girls to pick out shoes and subsequently paid for them. 

Cop who helped mother of six instead of jail her. | Photo: YouTube/41 Action News



After the incident, Robinson explained that when Engravalle arrived, her heart stopped because she thought he would arrest her. However, she was stunned by his heartwarming gesture and explained that he was nice to her children.

On his part, Engravalle said even though some saw Robinson as a criminal, he only saw her as a mom going through a challenging time. He disclosed:

"As an officer, it was terrible, and as a parent and just a human being, it was absolutely heartbreaking. You never anticipate seeing someone in such a dire need of basic care and necessities."


Mother of six who got help from a cop. | Photo: YouTube/41 Action News

Officer Mark Engravalle was also praised by Roeland Park Chief of Police John Morris, who lauded him for always being a good guy with a compassionate heart.


The police department received calls about how people could help Robinson and her kids get on their feet. One local radio station also dropped off more than $6,000, donated by the station's listeners. A bank account was set up to help the family.

The mother of six thanked Officer Engravalle for being their knight in shining armor. Robinson believed she and her kids would be eternally grateful.